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Lost my old account, Tyrannus ;_;
So yeah.
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Isn't he still a Silver recolor in that case?
Is he supposed to look like a darker Silver or am I missing something here? o3o
Aaaagh, my comic isn't showing up as the latest, even though it was clearly uploaded afterwards.
Damned chapters screwing me over.
On topic, the sprite seems a bit messy. Mainly, the color of the wings and the tail clashes with the rest of the sprite, and the flame is out of place as well as the bulb on the top. You should've also tried editing the legs and the head a bit more. Otherwise, it's still a very nice sprite.
First upload of mine for this comic. Criticism please.
wow ultralucario, ur such a troll!
he's doing the best he can and his comic is osm!!!1one1eleven!11
An old sprite I made for a contest on a forum I used to frequent.
Cool sprite

P.S I sent in an application to join :P
P.S.S I need permission to upload comics :L
It's been a few days now, gimme some permissions D:<
Seriously? It's been four days now, and I can't even post a comic. :|
Hah, crying blood is soooooo mainstream.
February 6th, 2011
Go herp somewhere else.
This is the single most beautiful series I have ever read ever. EVER.
Looks good to me~
I'm lovin' it.
u mad?
u mad.

Self advertising! Hooray!
Not cool rating your own comic, bro o_O
omg wotter u troll give them a break their just tryen!!!!1one
Quit this abstract art business of yours
December 22nd, 2010
Fiftieth fan :D
I'd like to thank the academy...
The fox was mine, I just lost my SJ account. |:
Kick my old account Tyrannus off
I lost my account a while ago .___.