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About the Real Life Calleigh Constantine:

I am currently a college student in Computer Information and a Security minor, and in free time, a self taught artist. Simple, straight to the point; the story isn't about me, it's bout them Crioan's ;)
"Wait, what?"
With the dust settled, mother and daughter get a chance to have a nice little... chat.
Great artwork, great story. And yes, I laughed when I saw the 'No BL/ whatever' in the info page.
Phillis gets a bit mouthy with Cybele; she reminds the youngster where his place is.
Haha I absolutely love this. Well done Secret Santa! <3
The secret is revealed; but what exactly did the Goddess want from Cybele?
Cybele's secret...
Others perish, and Phillis demands to know how Cybele lives.

Of course, a business woman is reluctant to give up her secrets.
Oh hai dere to you!
My, what big and... sharp... teeth.. you... have...

Ahem, sorry, Callas is easily distracted by guys-- I mean, menacing teeth.

No matter how hard they try, the girls are always late.
Mr. Constantine doesn't seem so pleased about that one.
Can't be that bad
Lunana and Callas talking on their way to work... along with some musing.
Kerosene Showers
When a fire elemental cannot touch water to bathe, the option of kerosene is a perfect option...
November 26th, 2010
Lunana give Callas a morning wakeup call, but not in the friendliest way.
Thanks Amante
Thank you :) We shall see how it goes
Red Sunset
So the sunsets upon the original ten...