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I'm in luv with anime mostly of the fantasy and supernatural genre, drawing, art and painting are my hobbies, thinking of stories and daydreaming are my daily things, i've been trying to make my own comic ^^' kinda hard when you only have a scanner and pencils, books, yaoi or any type of manga kept me sane and coherent for most of my life (i have a not so nice family ^^' to put it a nice way) if you ever saw me you'd be like "O__o living anime?" LOL
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yes, mama will help omg lol cute
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL..omg lol i can't breath and i'm crying LOLOLOLOL
stupid bind.......kill my charizard by wrapping around it.....stupid rpg board game
ah boobs it's what their good for
omg this will happen if i ever hitch my gf
omg......thats me o.o my gf better not see this
hate allergies.....kellenx is my bff
lol me and my girlfriend, she can read what i write either
tehe buckle your seat belts kids this is going to be good
me and my girlfriend to a T before we got back together
i hope you come back.....cus i enjoyed your work T^T
WAIT!!!!!! are those.......O____o they are SPIDER MAN PANTIES!!!!!!! >~< i want a pair, they'll go well with my batman ones T^T spider man panties
apparently i got lost from where i left off.....when did jordan get pink hair.....i need to go backwards
why are we doing this....why aren't we doing this
lol the hole just keep getting deeper lol
why does it say you've updated but nothings changed?
January 21st, 2012
oh please update soon!!! i've been looking forward to this
meep.....o.o more please
does atty like dragonthing at all and if he does, does dragonthing think of him as his master? if i could i would so steal dragonthing and then i would "my little pony" atty's face just to spite him mwahahahahaha
....teehee, oh i love this, see an update giggle madly with joy cus i know "it's gonna be good"