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My name is Laura. I'm 16 years old and I live in Ohio.
I'm a comic artist, guitarist, pianist, and a singer.
I love video games, escpecially the Resident Evil series (except 5), Tokyo Mew Mew, Pokemon (up through Hoenn, the Silent Hill series and Mario games (who doesnt like Mario?!)
Anyways, I plan on putting up some of my comics that I plan on getting published one day.
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    Laura P.
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December 23rd, 2011
I love the art style so much XD
Whoa I did not see that comic.
I love the animation! XD Very nice flow and pretty music. Can't wait to see more.
Can't wait to read more! Btw, your animation stuff is really good. I had to subscribe.
Done something similar to this. And I spazzed out just like that afterwards XD
Great Comic!!!
It's sad that there are people who behave like that... :( This is a good Comic!!! I'm looking forward to reading more!
So cute! Haha I'm wondering what will make her panic this time. Such a cute style, too.
Haha I've been stalking this webcomic waiting for the next chapter XD it's awesome!!
Oh my gosh she'a sooo cuuttteee!!
Blaqcess. I wanna see what happens to her :)
December 9th, 2010
I'm hooked... Hahaha I love it so much! Your art has a flow to it that's very original.