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Exciting News!

Smack Jeeves is launching a new website and mobile app really soon!
We hope you are excited about these new features as much as we are.
The new website will be available on December 3rd, 2019.
Please keep in mind, the site will be closed on December 2nd for maintenance.

Smack Jeeves App is coming

The new app will be available in Jaunary 2020 on App Store and Google Play.

New Comic Profile

1. New page will provide easier navigation

Current Comic Profile

NEW! Comic Profile

2. Fans and Readers will be replaced by Support, defined as the number of hearts received from readers

Current Fans and Readers

NEW! Support

Two Types of Comic Orientation in Comic View

We are introducing 2 new types of comic layout: Horizontal Flip and Vertical Scroll. Horizontal flip will be Smack Jeeveā€™s new default layout, ideal for traditional comics. Vertical Scroll is a new format to accomodate continuous scroll comics.

Current Default Template

NEW! Horizontal Flip

NEW! Vertical Scroll

Mobile Browsing

Improved mobile reader for easier browsing.

Current Mobile Browser

NEW! Mobile Browser

New Features

1. Exclusive Content

Smack Jeeves has teamed up with an exceptional group of comic authors around the world to showcase their comics on our website.

2. Giftbox and Rental Tickets

Free rental tickets will be sent to your Giftbox.

3. Coins

We will be introducing coins which will be used to purchase exclusive comic titles.

Removed Features on Smack Jeeves

1. Custom Domain & Template

In order to accomodate a streamlined browsing experience on both mobile and web, we will no longer offer custom URLs and templates.

2. Messages

Messaging between users will no longer be supported. However authors are more than welcome to post their own contact information or use the comment section to communicate with readers and Discord will remain open.

3. Forum

The forum will be archived and changed to read-only status. Smack Jeeves will have a new FAQ section and contact email for inquiries.

Termination of Subscription

After careful consideration, we have decided to terminate subscription plans for webcomic hosting. Current subscribers will be offered a prorated refund.


All refunds will be issued back to your Paypal account used for the purchase. Once a refund has been issued, please allow 5 business days for processing.