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Terms of Service

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As a user of Smack Jeeves, you have the privilege to post comments on comics, send messages to other users, and generally participate in the community. However, we do not tolerate the abuse of these privileges.


Donators, while given extra privileges, are users of Smack Jeeves, and therefore are also subject these rules.

Comment Abuse

When you post a comment on Smack Jeeves, you are expected to be respectful towards any and every individual of the Smack Jeeves community to whom you may be addressing. When posting artistic criticism about a particular comic, you are expected to be constructive in your comments, so that the author of the comic can understand how to improve upon his/her work.

Examples of constructive criticism:
"You need to work on your inking skills. Your lines are too blotchy, try to make them smoother."
"Your storyline is too confusing. Try not to introduce too many characters at a time without significantly establishing their personalities and characteristics first".
"The proportions of the limbs are off, particularly the left leg is too long, and the right hand is too large."

Examples of unconstructive criticism:
"This shit sucks."
"Maybe if you actually put some effort into this crap people would have nicer things to say about it." "Yeah, the product is complete shit, and I mean it."

While unconstructive criticism is frowned upon, it is generally not severely punished in small doses. However, we certainly do not tolerate harassment.


"the act of tormenting by continued persistent attacks and criticism" -
Harassing others is very likely to get you banned from Smack Jeeves. Gathering friends to harass others is almost guaranteed to get you (and all involved) banned from Smack Jeeves. It is up to the sole discretion of the administrators of Smack Jeeves to determine whether or not a user is harassing others and, if necessary, the appropriate punishment for that user (ban or comment deletion).

Comic Authors

A comic author is anyone who uploads comics onto Smack Jeeves.


Generally, don't break any laws through our service.
Certainly do not upload published comics that are not your own to Smack Jeeves or violate any copyright laws.

Content Guidelines

All content you post on Smack Jeeves must be a) legal in your own country and b) legal in the United States.

Generally speaking, material that would fit into the MPAA's "Rated R" category and below (PG-13, G, etc.) is allowed on Smack Jeeves.

Material that is clearly not suitable for minors requires the activation of the Mature Content warning.

Material that would be considered legally obscene, including the depiction of child pornography, is explicitly banned from Smack Jeeves.

Comics that present material with great (or sole) priority and importance placed on evoking sexual arousal from the audience while lacking substantial quality in art, focus or presentation on other topics of interest [ie: romance, comedy, etc] are liable to be removed for bearing too close of resemblance to pornographic material rather than a comic that tackles adult subject matters.


Smack Jeeves does not make any claim to hold copyright to any images uploaded by comic authors, unless explicitly stated. (i.e. if Smack Jeeves held a contest for the best so-and-so type of image, we would inform you if we wanted to claim copyright to any material submitted)

Terms of Service

These Terms of Service are subject to change with or without notice at any time (though the spirit of these T.O.S. are likely to always stay the same).