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Latchkey Kingdom

Latchkey Kingdom

by Psych
Comic tales of a (mostly) fearless adventurer in a land of many dangers and little adult supervision.
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Latchkey Kingdom

Comic tales of a (mostly) fearless adventurer in a land of many dangers and little adult supervision.


Recent Comments

inb4 Rose gets a boyfriend
My first instinct tells me another Shadow claw, but then I remembered he was a pirate for a time so it could be a Devil Fruit type situation.
@CFsoftie: We still haven’t had a good look. The panel does have a limited palette. Looks like a shadow claw, but I wouldn’t say anything final about details.
Poor, poor lizard.
Another Shadowclaw perhaps?
AHA! Mystery arm revealed! And booooy is it freaky - no wonder he kept it hidden!
Only a savage would waste decent acid on the entertainment of a commoner
@Zobot257: Agreed! She's my favorite character for that very reason.
Anyone else feeling bad for the lizard/salamander? Cause I sure do.
Ooh, what's he hiding under that cape/cloak thing?
@Guest: They're hanging on to a statue. However, I am now VERY interested in Embalmer's relationship with the designers of this dungeon...
July 17th, 2019
Are they hanging on to Embalmer?
I love Rosaline SO goddamn much. Moments like this just show how fun the character is.
Just what IS going on under that cape?
He's got a jellyfish arm, doesn't he?
And Embalmer proves his worth by disappearing... maybe he's concentrating on protecting the princess? Yeah, let's go with that.

Not that I blame him, particularly, given the size of that monster.
Monster: "Don't mind me. Please go on. Those were some good tips."
Liam's sister is gonna kill that monster on her way to kidnap her brother.
Eeeeee!!! It's so cuddly!!!
12/10 it's a good monster!
Wrong situation to have such a heartfelt conversation.