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Mobile Site Redirecting

Postby Shard » July 6th, 2017, 3:05 am

I think this is where this goes? I'm not sure how recent this problem is, since I only noticed it today but I also haven't fulfilled the parameters for this happening for a while until today. But lately when I try and access a comic that has mobile compatibility on, and go onto the page where the comic pages are displayed, it loads the comics for half a second before shunting me over to one of those typical "YOU WON A FREE IPHONE!!!" pages, or something like that anyway (for obvious reasons I usually close those tabs asap). This is only happening to me on the mobile-compatible comics (that is, the ones with that box checked); I pulled up a few pages from other comics that I know don't have it on and had no problems. I'm hesitant to fully test this, again for obvious reasons, but I thought I should put up notice about it as soon as possible in case it's indicative of a bigger problem.

(In case I'm wrong about the specifics of what the parameters are, the two comics this happened to me on were Aria's Legacy and Pure Wishes. Which, now that I'm looking, are both new comics, and the ones laking compatibility that I checked are older, so it might be that? Also be careful when you take a look, obviously.)

It might just be my phone, but I'd rather people stay safe and have their devices clear of junk with a wrong call than not give a heads up and have people get hecked over because I said nothing. Hope this is fixed soon if it's not just me.
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Re: Mobile Site Redirecting

Postby eishiya » July 6th, 2017, 9:09 am

This is the correct place, yep!

The SJ mobile sites display a pop-over ad, are you sure you're not just seeing that, and are getting sent to an entirely different page?

It's possible that the mobile ads have some sort of icky malicious ad among them =_= The main site has had its share of malicious ads that slipped through the ad network's checks too.
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Re: Mobile Site Redirecting

Postby Admin » July 7th, 2017, 3:37 am

I've seen this too, working on tracking it down.
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