HTML/URL parsing differs between comics and profiles

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HTML/URL parsing differs between comics and profiles

Postby eishiya » February 17th, 2018, 9:14 am

I've noticed two discrepancies in how HTML within comments is parsed between profiles and comic sites.

First, a minor one:
<s> is parsed on comic sites, but not in profiles.

Second, a pretty major one:
In comic sites, a smaller subset of HTML is parsed for reader comments than author comments. Readers just get access to some basic styling, which is perfect, since they generally don't need anything else unless they're spammers or otherwise malicious. However, it seems that for profiles, <a> is parsed even for Readers. This is a problem because it's inconsistent with comic sites, and because it allows spammers to fill up comic profiles and their own profiles with spammy links.

In addition, bare URLs are converted to clickable links for all users, including readers, on comic sites, but not profiles. I think bare links should only be converted in author comments everywhere, and not converted for readers anywhere. Or, if the convenience of clickable links outweighs fears of spam, then make links in reader comments have nofollow, while links in author comments are normal.

Also, this means that <a> and URL parsing for reader comments is basically backwards between profiles and comics :D
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