Viruses everywhere

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Viruses everywhere

Postby animedragonbumblebee » March 15th, 2011, 6:19 pm

Okay, I've read the other forum posts about the Trojan in favorites, my webcomics, etc.
But I'm getting sick and tired of having to click back three to six times just to upload more pages or look at my favorites! Each time threatening with a virus. I use the newest Klaspersky anti-virus, and luckily so far i haven't gotten any bugs on my computer, but can someone give me any information on how to avoid this issue?
Much appreciated~ I really enjoy this site and i would hate to get a virus from it...

Re: Viruses everywhere

Postby Guest » March 18th, 2011, 2:32 pm

I can't give you any advice (because it's happening to me too) but I'm not on Klaspersky - I'm using Norton. The SJ admin team had replied to a post previously, saying how it must be a false alarm with that particular anti-virus software. I don't think so.

My symptoms are: getting randomly re-directed from time to time (not only on favourites - on individual comics and comic pages too) to a site called, and a lil box pops up expecting me to believe that if I download THEIR anti-virus it'll clear all the millions of viruses I have. Go figure. Almost immediately afterwards, Norton takes over and announces a recent attack to my computer was just blocked and I have to close my browser down.

This has been happening for weeks. Surely it requires more than just a "oh, we can't see the problem straight away, so we'll assume it's a false alarm"? I feel for the poor users who aren't as computer savvy and don't have themselves a decent anti-virus software.

Please fix this! It's more than a little irritating and doesn't make me feel particularly secure while browsing the site - in fact, I try to stay away from SJ as often as I can because of this recent issue.

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