Comic Won't Update Past Page Six -- FIXED

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Comic Won't Update Past Page Six -- FIXED

Postby Shiay » April 3rd, 2011, 12:58 pm

EDIT: It seems the problem's been fixed. I tried a couple of things that I did before to see if it would work this time (no dice, it seemed); If a mod/admin handled it, thanks. :U


So I've been having this problem for a couple of months, actually, and I was kind of hoping that it would have resolved itself after trying a few things on the comic profile. Since that didn't work, I tried waiting it out. Didn't work, either! At the moment, my comic's been at only 'six' pages when in all actuality, it should be at eight pages. I've gotten complaints from some of my readers that don't rely on the RSS feed that it's difficult to get to my next pages without clicking all over the page or toggling the URL to get to it. That, and that the update doesn't actually update for them, just for the people that get RSS. Quite a hassle, if you ask me.

Thanks to this, I've held off on actually updating my comic because it's not actually updating for any of my readers that don't rely on an RSS feed for it.

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