Suggestion: Menu Loop Switches

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Suggestion: Menu Loop Switches

Postby nocturnenebula » May 10th, 2019, 11:57 pm

Suggestion: A "selected" and "unselected" switch for the menu loop like the news archive posts.
Reason: Readers will visibly know what page they're on as they click the internal links.
Challenges: it requires knowledge of HTML/CSS to style the selected link, otherwise it's just "there".
Notes: this is for page links the user is currently on, not styling the hover or active pseudo classes.

Don't know if it already exists or if it's been mentioned already in another post. The news archive has a selected and unselected loop for the news post links which I've found that in some of the templates but I haven't found one for menu links.

Example: the Classic template uses these switches to visibly show what page the user is on for the news posts.

Another thing: the loop switches for news posts aren't documented on the news archive variables.

How it looks in action:

As an example, readers click the "latest comic" page, the link is highlighted while the rest remain as is.
Lazy demonstration:
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Re: Suggestion: Menu Loop Switches

Postby eishiya » August 4th, 2019, 10:37 am

I think this would be more tidy if done the way comment replies are - just an extra variable within the current loops that's meant to be used as a class name for CSS styling.

So, for menus, there could be a {links.SELECTED_CLASS} variable that prints out "selected" when the current menu item is also the current page (and empty otherwise), so you can do something like
Code: Select all
<li class="{links.SELECTED_CLASS}">
   <a href="{links.URL}">{links.TEXT}</a>

and then use CSS to style the element differently from the others.

The same can be done with the news posts, just a {loop_posts.SELECTED_CLASS} variable :D So, your example code with this system would look something like
Code: Select all
<!-- BEGIN loop_posts -->
   <li class="post-item {loop_months.loop_posts.SELECTED_CLASS}">
      <a href="{loop_months.loop_posts.LINK}">{loop_months.loop_posts.TITLE}</a>
<!-- END loop_posts -->

Isn't that much cleaner and easier to follow?
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