Suggestion: Easier page uploads

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Suggestion: Easier page uploads

Postby eishiya » May 18th, 2017, 12:44 pm

Compared to other comic sites, SJ is still clunky to use, especially when it comes to uploading pages. I wish to make the following suggestions, based on discussions with users who choose not to use Smackjeeves in part because of its clunkiness:

For single-page uploads:
  • (EDIT: This has been pretty much implemented as part of the My Webcomics dropdown!) There should be a button to upload a new page in the author toolbar. It can just be an upload button, a big upward-pointing arrow. Perhaps there could be a similar button for batch-uploads.
  • There's no reason for the alt text box to be so huge. Most browsers don't even display title text that long, so the alt text could only show up if the image fails to load - no one uses it for that. On top of that, most comics don't even use the alt text feature. Make it a smaller box, as currently it makes for a lot of pointless scrolling down. Make it approx 2-3 lines tall, but have it be resizeable.
  • Have a default "Now" option for the upload time, to prevent accidental uploading in the past. As I understand, it posts "Now" anyway if the date is no more than a few minutes into the past, but it can take more than a few minutes to type up an author comment, and seeing that past time is just disconcerting, even if in reality the page is uploaded at a good time. Don't underestimate these small psychological things!
  • Allow fuzzy dates for the upload time, like "Wednesday, 4PM", and it'll set the date to the next future instance of that. Tumblr does this and it's quite convenient. Typing in dates is also a bit more fluid than selecting the date from a bunch of drop-downs. To provide a non-typing date input, perhaps use a calendar widget instead, so it's easier to see what day of the week each date is.
  • Allow drag-and-drop image uploads. Some browsers make all file inputs drag-and-drop by default, but not all do.

For multi-page uploads:
    As mentioned above, having a button/link to go to batch uploads in the author toolbar would be nice.
    Multi-page uploads are a PITA because you have to essentially manually set each page, and you're very limited in the upload dates unless you set them manually. Not being able to do the author comments there feels like a missing feature, as well. When uploading more than 2-3 pages at a time, using the page becomes really tedious because every page still has to be uploaded essentially manually. To fix that:
  • The page needs an uploader that accepts multiple files, sorts them in numerical order by filename (i.e. Page001.png < Page004.png; Page1.png < Page04.png; 2017-05-10.png < 2017-05-12.png), and then creates entries for them on the page. It doesn't have to actually upload at this point, just read in the file names and create entries for them. In this way, compatibility with the existing page-uploading can be maintained.
  • There should be a way to add author comments to each page on the multi-upload page. Having to go back to the comic management and add them on each page defeats the point of uploading a bunch of pages at once. Ideally, thumbnails should be generated for each form, as a reminder of what the page is. This can be done client-side, without uploading the image to the server.
  • The entries on the multi-upload page should be reorderable by dragging (or, at least, by clicking up/down arrows on them). Even without the batch-upload feature I described above, sometimes people make mistakes when uploading pages. It would be nice to reorder pages instead of having to re-select which image is going to be uploaded on each entry.
  • The "time interval" way of doing uploads isn't flexible enough. It would be nice to be able to set days of the week to upload on (and a time), e.g. "Thursdays and Saturdays, 2PM". Perhaps for setting the upload dates, there could be two options to choose from: "choose interval", and a "choose days of the week", which presents the days of the week as checkboxes (perhaps set by default to the comic's current update days if those have been calculated) and a time input.
  • As with the single-page uploads, a way to set the time that doesn't involve 6(!) dropdowns would be nice.
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Re: Suggestion: Easier page uploads

Postby Cave » April 22nd, 2018, 4:07 pm

Reviving this because it's still relevant. Just ran into it once again where people complain and complain about "not being able to upload multiple pages" even though it is clearly an option. I think the problem is the current way is just not convenient enough. I have seen this complaint time and time again for years now so it may be worth addressing sometime in the near future if it isn't being already.

Drag and drop would be a huge improvement.

The alt text box does still need to be fixed. It is far too big and easily confused with the author comment box.

Two simple improvements that will definitely go a long way.

Also, the "upload multiple pages" link has the word "New" next to it, but afaik this feature has been around for many years. Might want to update that text too.
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