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Webcomic Critiques subforum

Postby eishiya » April 23rd, 2018, 11:18 am

Most "reviews" in the Webcomic Reviews forum are currently critiques, that is, they are aimed at the author to help them improve their work, as opposed to being reviews aimed at potential readers to help them discover interesting comics. The "official" policy is that critiques should be posted in response to nomination threads, but this is very easy to miss even if you're looking for it. This is confusing for authors and for critics, and it might discourage reader-oriented reviews.

I propose a second subforum under Webcomic Reviews, called Webcomic Critiques. There, authors can post about their comics, and get critiques as replies, much as they currently do in Nominations for Review, with solely for critiques. I think this separation should make things clearer for everyone, and it would allow proper visibility for both critiques and reviews. This would allow clearly separate rules and guidelines for the two sections, as well as separate stickies with helpful tips.

It's likely that some people would post in both forums because they want both reviews and critiques (or, more likely, because they just want more eyeballs on their comic) and this would make more "work" for them, but I think most people will be reasonable and post in one at a time, probably asking for critiques first, and reviews later down the line, when they've addressed some of the recurring critiques.
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Re: Webcomic Critiques subforum

Postby AltCat » April 23rd, 2018, 5:09 pm

Guess this thread is to be used now but referring the
Spoiler! :
post since it is related the not reviews question that is also relevant here.

The thing with reviews turning critique maybe it is explainde by writers of reviews not getting response (guessing reviewers too wants attention) and so going for critique instead because of this.

Why this then? If the average reader never bother wandering into the forum, (wild guess, statistics may or may not support this) then the bulk of the readers there are naturally writers reading.

So for actual reviews to become relevant again they may simple need to be displayed and possibly even framed in another way and space. For example as a thing on the front page saying "new review" in a similar manner to highlighted comics, with an image of comic and author. (of the review)

A forum may also not even be the best framing at all. So for one probably too widely arching idea would be to have review accounts similarly to comic creator account that maybe could also be personalised and collects all texts by that reviewer. These would then in some automagical manner :mrgreen: be cross-linked to the comic they are about, (if the comic creator activates it on their end of course) to show up a little "blurb" on the comics site leading to the full review. A "symbiotic link" if there is not already a better or tech-correctier name for such a function. Smart layout things like displaying a random or chosen example page from the comic without having to hotlink or place it on some volatile hosting is one of many function that would be practical and make review texts more lasting and accessible to readers and reviewers alike.

All these reviewers pages and the comics they covered could then be alphabetically listed and searchable on a similarly prominent placed page, multiple reviewed titles on snazzy + extensions probably. Reviewers could also get feedback and ratings on their texts and answer follow up questions and such.

Some of this can of course be done in a forum form already in some capacity. But the main problem with it being in a forum form will never change. That it is a forum.
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