Bookmarks for favorited comics?

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Bookmarks for favorited comics?

Postby corienne » February 15th, 2019, 9:41 pm

I know some comics have a 'bookmark' ability but I haven't seen them on very many that I read which leads me to think it's something the author has to activate.

I'm wondering if we could have like a bookmark option for every comic/comics in your favorites that will let you pick up where you left off, like a button between the "Begin Reading" and "Latest Comic" button that says like "Bookmarked Page" or something.

Sometimes my life gets crazy busy and I forget about SJ for like....... months. And with like comics that have 400-800ish pages, I don't want to reread the whole thing to find where I left off if the bookmark option isn't there. (Also I just remembered there are some comics my bf and I only read when we're together so that's not always) Is this something that can be done? I know you could bookmark the webpage in your browser, but I use the site on mobile and desktop and sometimes those dont sync right

Do other people have this issue? I've let a few really really good comics just sort of.... float on by me because I can't be arsed to sift through all those pages. :/ If the bookmark function actually does work on all comics, let me know... I'm not very smart sometimes and need to be walked through some things :lol:
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