Looking for someone to html my comic, will give credit!

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Looking for someone to html my comic, will give credit!

Postby DepthOfDreams » July 27th, 2012, 6:21 am

My name is Sinead and I am looking for someone that can html my webcome "A girl and her dog"

"A girl and her dog" is a web comic about a teenage girl and her dog, who also happens to be a ghost and her best friend, it's about how she grieves for him and how his presence helps her overcome the shortfalls of life.

So the comic is called "A Girl and Her Dog" and the description reads as so: "The story of a girl and her dog and the ups and downs of life."
I am looking for a simple black layout, html in the same manner as this tumblr site: http://depthofdreams.tumblr.com/
But the navigation is up the top and there is no description as that will be on another page. I would like it in the same colours and fonts and am able to supply the tumblr html if you want it.

I would like a welcome/news page, A authors page, A donator page, A characters page, A archive page, A page to veiw the comic (of course) and if you want you can make a page for yourself "selling" your services, or I could give you links and credit on the authors page and a visible favorite button.

The tumblr page is pre-made, I do not know how to make a html at all and I am desperate for someone's help.

Fell free to message me if you need any more info..

(my storyline is copyrighted by Sinead Jackson)
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