Background and text color

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Background and text color

Postby HarmonyTRE » August 20th, 2019, 1:20 am

Hi, I am very bad at coding and I'm sure this is super simple, but it hurts my brain. I'd just like to know how to make the background one color and the main text another. It would be these two colors:
Specific color codes are #09112b for the blue.
And #ffb700 for the yellow-orange.
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Re: Background and text color

Postby eishiya » August 20th, 2019, 8:22 am

Mind if I move this to Template Development & Support? You seem to be asking for help with modifying your template, rather than requesting an entire template.

I'm guessing you want your comic site with its Modern template coloured like the Tumblr layout, with only the headings yellow and only the main background blue, while the main content remains black-on-white?

Custom CSS for that, add it to your Overall layout in a <style> element right above </head>:
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html, body, #overall_header {
   background-color: #09112b;

#overall_header .title, h1 {
   color: #ffb700;

You may want to make tweaks for some of the other colours to look nice with these, and you should probably replace the navigation images with something more visible.
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