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Template Request

Postby Guest » April 7th, 2010, 11:20 pm

I'd like to request a template for the comic Velut Fortuna, a pokemon comic. I tried making one on my own and... Let's just say it was some hardcore failure.

I'd like the layout to be really similar to the default Autumn Leaves template, with a fixed image background but a more narrow container box, say around 700px? I like the layout but couldn't change the colors. 3: No good at CSS or stylesheets or asfkgl you get the point. I'd also like the container box to be at around 80% opacity.

I can provide the image for the background, and the banner image up top, though I'd like the banner space to be 400px high instead of the ginormous, like, 700px of the Autumn Leaves. The latest comic thumbnail would remain up top with the banner.

Color scheme I would like would be pastel. Pale purple for the background of the container, blue for dividers and the banner/header background, pink for the background of comments and news posts. White text would be fine. I'm not sure about link colors, maybe white/underline/bold for links, and grey/underline/bold for visited links?

Send me a message if you think you can work with me on it. :) I don't think it's a super hard request.

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