Upgrade for my template? Can someone please help?

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Upgrade for my template? Can someone please help?

Postby Mokenda » January 5th, 2011, 12:43 am

I've been wanting to upgrade my template for a while now, but in all honesty I have no idea how, except of course in the changing of color codes (ie: changing #ffffff to #3f005d)
When it comes to coding, I am completely inept.

The main things I'm wanting to change are color and addition of a banner at the top of the page.
I can come up with a banner for the top, but I honestly have no idea how to set it in place with the coding.
The background is alright with the stripes, however I would prefer it if I could have it in alternating light blues as opposed to alternating pinks.
The font and borders I would also appreciate in a light blue format. I can provide color samples to whomever might be interested.

The link to my comic is in my signature so you can get a feeling of what I'm wanting. If need be I can even put together a picture of what I'd like done, and can include any images you might require for the design :>

If anyone is interested as compensation I could do a chibi or two of your characters. Even characters from tv, manga, etc if you'd prefer that instead. (or both!!)
I don't feel right getting free help ^^;

I'd also appreciate it if the coder is so kind as to explain how to do this procedure in case I need to change it in the future. :>
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