Writer seeking Artist {Unpaid}

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Writer seeking Artist {Unpaid}

Postby mewmewramazika » January 10th, 2018, 12:10 pm

Hello all, you can call me Zika. I am twenty-two years old, and I have been dabbling in writing since I was nine years old; I will be honest, I have never finished writing a long story from being to end. I really want to do that, and I feel like if I was part of a comic creating team; I'd have the inspiration to do so.
I have several ideas for stories I have started, though, I will warn you that some are from when I was in high school and need the grammar edited very, very, badly, so if you can get past that and focus on the story plot line and the characters then. We are a perfect match.
I do have a few short murder stories that are finished, they're simple enough to write that if we wanted to tag team a comic full of short mystery stories then that would be something I could do no problem.
Sadly, I'm not able to pay any artist for their work; however any money we do manage to make with the comic would be split 50/50 between the two of us. I'm sure if we put our abilities together then we can make some cash no problem!
I am also willing to write a story that you already have an idea for! If you have a plot, but just feel like you lack the ability to create a novel out of it; I'll write it and branch off of your idea for you, and we can go with that.
I have LGBT story ideas, supernatural/alien story ideas, slice-of-life story ideas, basically give me a genre and I'll willing to attempt to write something for it.

Below are a few snippets from stories I am working on as examples:

"Devil's Trap"
Spoiler! :
It was your average morning, my average morning. My skin was coated in goosebumps, the chilly November air leaking through the closed windows. Hands. My hands, fumbled around for my blankets and I yanked them up from the large rock snoozing beside me that was hogging them.
"Hmm?" The rock stirred, rolling over to wrap it's warm arms around me. If it had been awake, it wasn't for very long. It once again started to snore into my ear.
A groan escaped my lips, "Babe."
"No." The rock grumbled.
"I'm just warming up before I get up to get ready for work," I said, trying to nudge the rock away. "Come on, babe, I need to go to work."
Another grumble was followed by sleepy words that I couldn't understand, the rock did roll over onto its opposite side though; so I could make my escape.
I crawled out of bed, my feet felt like they momentarily froze against the hard wood floor that meet them once I was standing. "Why did we tear up the carpet again?" I muttered to myself. It had seemed like a good idea at the time at least.
My feet took me to the bathroom down the hallway, my body was on auto pilot as it was most mornings. The same routine. My body knew by then to move on its own when I had just woken up, my grey eyes still heavy with Mr. Sandman's sand.
A loud crash behind me is what woke me up the rest of the way. My heart kick started, pounding hard against my chest as I spun around. "Babe?" I called down the hallway, the walls creaked as the hall echoed my voice.
"The mistress of doom is calling," the rock called back to me. His footsteps heavy as he walked around the corner to stand in the door way of the bathroom. Its body was wrapped in a dark gray blanket, only its face visible as it stared at me, "Take your phone so she stops calling."
Groaning, I took my phone from its warm hands. She was the last person I ever wanted to talk to in the mornings.
The rock stumbled tiredly back to bed. Lucky.
"Hey," I said as I answered my phone, it had started ringing for a second time. "Can I call you back? I need to get ready for work. I don't have time for your early morning drama."
The mistress of doom, my mother, sighed loudly through the phone. She was always so overdramatic, "No," she said, sharply, "We need to talk in person. This morning. Call off."

Spoiler! :
The sound of a gunshot rang through the thick air; the surface of the wet green grass below my fingers was damp with snow and a light white. My legs ached everywhere from all the running I’d done, I had spent my whole life running. I wanted to stay locked to the ground beneath me, my breath came out like smoke from my mouth, trying to feel my fingers was pointless, the tips were too frozen over to even move them.
I swallowed my breath as I pressed back against the prickly points of an ever green bush, I couldn’t help but shiver when cold wet snow fell from a branch and landed on my bare hand. A mistake of course, the bush moved with me just enough to possibly be noticeable.
I tried to force myself still, my heart pounded against my chest roughly as I listened for any sound of movement against the grass.
Another gun shot rang through the air followed by the scream of a terrified woman; I could have moved to help her, or at least see who or what she was, but instead I just sat there; frozen in place.
I knew she wouldn’t have done me any kindness and to checked on me, I was not about to cost me my life by sticking my neck out for a stranger. Another scream filled the air, followed by the sound of a gunshot. They were just getting closer to me; my options became clear:
Stay put, possibly get caught, or run and possibly be shot.
My heart raced at the thought of moving, “Shit, shit.” I cursed under my breath; I tried to get my mind to focus on the task at hand.
Before I could stop myself, I moved to my knees and slowly start to push myself up from the ground. Grass and snow stuck to my torn up jeans and soaked through without mercy, I gave myself a countdown.
“One . . . two . . .”
Another gun shot.
“. . . three . . . four . . .”
Another scream.
“. . . five. . . six . . .”
My heart started to pound into my ears.
“. . . seven . . . eight . . .”
I felt movement on the other side of the bush; it pricked into my goose bump covered arms even more than it already had been.
“. . . nine . . . ten . . .”

"Tattooed Hearts"
Spoiler! :
The night was dark and cold but the young man barely noticed it as he walked down the street and towards the bar, the air outside it smelled strongly of cigarette smoke and drunks hung out about the front door, smelling of alcohol and their own vomit.
Tate Constantine Unin curled his cream toned nose at them as he walked passed them and pushed the oak wood door open, and walked into the bar, music and the sound of laughter met his ears along with a rush of warm air.
A sigh escaped his lips before his bright almost lime colored green eyes swept across the main bar and he slowly walked up to a bar stand and to the stools, he nibbled on the inside of his cheek a moment before he sat his round bum on one of the wooden stools. His fake ID felt like it was about to burn a hole through his back right pocket, right through his checkered wallet.
He was two years away from twenty-one, and he had never drank before, of course, he knew that his dad would buy him beer if he asked him to, but something about it wouldn’t be the same to Tate, he wanted to experience life before he went to college.
His heart pounded against his chest, fear of being caught shivered through his bones and he found himself nibbling on the inside of his cheek again. “Just relax,” he thought to himself, reaching his hand up to brush his auburn bangs out of his face. He couldn’t believe he was so nervous about it and he wished he could be as brave as his dad.
Unknown to the nineteen year old, he was being watched from across the bar. A man with dark hair had caught sight of him and had been watching him for several moments; it was almost as if he couldn’t take his eyes off of the man, mesmerized by the nervous and skittish movements of the younger looking man.
“Kaylem?” The girl with him, his girlfriend, Blaise Cytes, snapped him out of his dazed state and his pale blue eyes went to her, “God, I’ve been talking to you the past three minutes, did you hear anything I said?” She snapped, prissily her light blue eyes narrowed at him like daggers.
Kaylem Von Spieks passed her a smile, “Of course,” he said, even though they both knew that he hadn’t been listening to a word of what she was saying (which was nothing new at the least), his eyes drifting back to the bar for a few moments, the man there hadn’t moved.
“Goddamn it, what is so interesting over there?” Blaise snapped, slamming her beer bottle down against the table as she looked the direction her boyfriend’s eyes were facing, “I don’t see anything over there that looks interesting.”
He jumped slightly at the sudden violence of her movements and breathed out a sigh as a frown found his pale lips, “Now, now, calm down, Blaise,” he said, casually, “I was just looking at the prices on the sign over there behind the bartender,” his lie was easy to tell, the sign was behind the bartender, and in front of the bartender was the being his eyes had been settled on, “Did you notice they upped the price for beer in bottles? Cans are a lot cheaper now, even if they give you less.” He mused as his eyes drifted to the bottle clenched in her hand.
She let out a sound of anger and slammed the bottle back against the table once more, “And your mother claims you don’t have an attention defective disorder?” She snorted and rolled her eyes as she flicked her fake blond hair over her shoulder, “The only time you pay attention is during sex, and barely long enough for that!”
“Hey now, babe, don’t hate.” He mused, just to piss her off a bit more.

If you are interested in possibly working together please reply here, or message me on here. Thank you for your time.
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Re: Writer seeking Artist {Unpaid}

Postby KissyPunch » February 2nd, 2018, 8:56 pm

Hey hey hey! :-D How do you feel about writing a very short romance, hmm? I'm looking for some practice making comics and need a partner to keep me motivated. I can even give you a bunch of prompts if you want to choose one that interests you and roll with it? I don't know, I'm flexible!
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Re: Writer seeking Artist {Unpaid}

Postby RoseStorm6 » February 6th, 2018, 8:50 pm

Oh hello,im kind of a artist,not a profissional but if you want,i can help

Here some draws that i had made once:
https://moonstorm6.deviantart.com/art/l ... -695770783
https://moonstorm6.deviantart.com/art/f ... -694431627
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Re: Writer seeking Artist {Unpaid}

Postby Vakwala » March 12th, 2018, 7:09 am

Heyo dude, My art is very static atm so I really wanna do art for a webcomic to challenge that, https://vakwal-a.deviantart.com/gallery/ My art is very much like this but if you are fine with just using this as more of a learning experience then a means to make money I think it could be a good lil project ^^
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