Artist looking for smut comic script writer!

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Artist looking for smut comic script writer!

Postby erionx » November 4th, 2018, 2:31 am


I’m Erion. I’m new here, doesn’t knows all the rules for submitting in this forum. So please forgive me if I offend someone.

I’m an artist, more specifically cartoonist. Most of my available works are extremely NSFW. So I wouldn’t be posting any of those in here. Still to give the basic idea about my skills take a look at these -

The reason I’m posting here because I want to start a “smut” webcomic. But my problem is my script writing ability is non-existent. As a non native english speaker, I think it makes twice as hard to find appropriate dialogue for the characters. So I’m looking for script writer, who is willing to collab on NSFW comics.

Initially I’m not looking for monetize the comic, so there is no payment for anyone.

Comic length I’m looking for is about 20-25 pages for start, if things goes well, it can be extended to a ongoing webcomic. Maybe then we can talk about the possibility of monetizing.

Additionally I’d like to add that I’m looking for a very specific type of script. The setting should be in high fantasy medieval era in slightly light hearted tone with some humor, wanderer protagonist(s), magic, legendary creatures (elf, dwarf, orc etc), monsters, sex, fight, betrayal, very less background(city, building...) intensity but more character oriented panels and plus stuff that makes the story interesting.

Lol I know I’m asking a lot of stuff, some of you must be thinking I should write my own script! Believe me I tried and wasted a lot of time. But still I want to stick to above specification cause I really feel drawn to those ideas.

There are already existing webcomic in such type. Alfie, Cummoner, I roved out, Oglaf are among those. Try google them for better idea.

If anyone is interested, let’s have a conversation at “erion.xan (at)”

That’s all. Thanks.
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