[Unpaid] Artist for a shounen action style manga style comic

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[Unpaid] Artist for a shounen action style manga style comic

Postby Canislupus54 » October 11th, 2017, 11:14 pm


I recently started a shounen action style manga tentatively titled Byakko. I was wondering if anyone was interested in drawing it. I may end up posting it on a free webcomic hosting service. This would be unpaid. If we end up making revenue off of it, I would be happy to split it, of course. You can check out what I have written so far here: http://forums.mangaraiders.com/index.ph ... 680.0.html .

Also, here's a brief summary:

Four year old Tora's father witnesses a man trying to kill his two-year old daughter and four year old son. Tora's father offers to adopt the two, and the man agrees. Tora and the son, Loup, have contrasting personalities, and Tora has average talent with the use of inochi, magical energy, while Loup excels at it. The two become rivals. Loup also has nothing but contempt for his younger sister, Shiro, and so Tora takes on a brotherly and mentor role. Eleven years later, Loup and Tora both try to enter the elite King's Guard, but Tora is relegated to the Hunters' Corps. Loup follows him, wanting to continue their rivalry.

If you read the above scenes, you'll know that Tora dies in the first arc after sneaking Shiro in on their first mission. Shiro then takes over the protagonist role. Loup remains the secondary protagonist.

Reply or send me a PM if you're interested, thanks.
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Re: [Unpaid] Artist for a shounen action style manga style c

Postby eishiya » October 11th, 2017, 11:23 pm

Please re-use your previous thread on this topic. Creating a duplicate will not help you find an artist faster, but makes the forum harder to navigate for everyone else.
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