LGBTQ Writer seeks artist

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LGBTQ Writer seeks artist

Postby djtwicthykins » November 29th, 2017, 5:25 pm


I have been writing comics for a while for a small company , now I am looking to strike out on my own with a LGBTQ idea about an open world were humans know about vampires, weres, and Fey and they all live side by side, besides my open world I bring a punk/goth vibe with tinges of comedy and kink.

At its core the idea is not really a romance or fantasy, however, it's a recovery story about dealing with mental illness, addiction, and a crappy family background. I just use all those fun trappings to hide the 'important' stuff because ya know, you can't sell dark and heavy without a bit of slapstick to distract from the harsh emotional truths.

Unpaid for now, but if things go well, we can wring money from teh internetz.

This is an 18+ idea so I need someone over that age and willing to get a little dirty be it drawing boy touchin or dealing with my endless stream of 'cuss' words.

Hit me up here in pm for more details.
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