I want to write a comic but I lack artistic skills

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I want to write a comic but I lack artistic skills

Postby Hilo Takenaka » May 23rd, 2018, 7:50 am

(Another writer on a comic site that can’t draw. WOO!)

Hi! My name is Hilo. I’m currently a student that LOVES writing and drawing, but the trouble is that I can’t draw in the slightest.
Thing is: I want to write a comic. It’s set in the Star Wars universe, before the Republic and during the Reclaimation of Coruscant. So I need help.

In all honesty; as I said before I can’t draw. I can definitely write, however, and I can certainly weave a great story (at least that’s what I think). What I’m requesting is that I want hopefully a couple of artists to draw panels for chapters while I write the story/script. If you’re interested in the idea but don’t want to draw panels, then that’s cool too. We can easily find a compromise that is appropriate to both of our needs. I can’t pay for commission, as I’m only a student, but there are other perks and bonsuses I can carry out.

If you do so, this is what I’ll provide:
- Credit for helping produce this as well as promotion for your other work.
- A way for you to help influence the plot.
- Characters and personality that you can create.
- A terrible drawing of a character you created (regardless of series) by yours truly.

Only restrictions:
- Don’t draw any private parts or excessive gore (would say the term NSFW but I’m being really specific)
- Don’t use this as a way to troll/harass others.
- I can get a bit impatient, but I understand if things happen. Once we work out a mutual timeframe we stick with it, and if something pops up we I can easily push it back.
- Please stick to the final copy of a chapter’s script.
- Take care of yourself. Don’t get overwhelmed!

POST BELOW if you’re interested! I’ll hand you my contacts!
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