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Looking for Co-Artist

Postby HM2000 » June 7th, 2018, 2:21 pm

Eyyy, so, long story short: After many, MANY drafts (one on SJ for a while before I deleted it out of dissatisfaction), I'm finally writing and drawing the first chapter of my comic, FinaL GatewaY, not only in a story direction I like, but also a look I consistently like. That said... I picked a bad time to reach this point.

See, the issue is that I decided to not take any shortcuts and actually make a 50-ish page chapter, which in of itself wouldn't be a bad thing if I hadn't also applied for a job. One that demands copious hours a week, usually giving relatively tight windows of opportunity for doing artwork.

What I'm asking for is simple: someone with whom I can evenly and fairly split the work left on illustration, with a somewhat consistent art style (examples under the spoiler).
Spoiler! :
I basically want someone who can do a very sharp, cartoon-anime hybrid style. Emphasis is less on realism and more on emotion. There are more references where these came from, but this should give a general idea.

I should also mention there will be uncensored (albeit purposefully undefined and unappealing) nudity. Censor bar's only here for public viewing.

To anyone who decides to help, I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. This project means everything to me, and I promise to repay your generosity in any way I can. :D
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Re: Looking for Co-Artist

Postby malephilim » July 29th, 2018, 6:12 pm

This looks like a really interesting project, I'm interested in reading it when you get it up and running!
I'm curious as to how you plan to division the work on your comic? Are you looking for someone to do lineart/color? And you said the first chapter is 50 pages, how long is the whole project? What kind of schedule are you looking to complete pages or the comic? Is smackjeeves a good way to contact you?
Also, I like your art style, you got any links to your gallery or social media where you post your art?
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