Webcomic Searching for writer [Superhero]

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Webcomic Searching for writer [Superhero]

Postby impiousimp » June 26th, 2018, 1:40 am

Looking for a good writer to help me out on a super hero comic.

Strictly speaking I'm taking on the challenge of rebooting Lightbringer which may be foolish but so far aside from the actual script I think I have a working world build and a macro level plan for what's going to happen in it. It's just the actual script writing that's been giving me trouble.

Preferably I'm looking for someone around my age (I'm 32) and a guy (I'm a girl.)
I don't mind women but I tend to get along better with guys on average so that would be my preference.

looking for someone Trope savvy, enthusiastic about superheroes, and have and understanding of archtypes.
further people who are well read (as i am not as i focused on the artistic side) would be a much greater help.

You can see my Art at http://impious-imp.deviantart.com
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Re: Webcomic Searching for writer [Superhero]

Postby Otto Gruenwald » October 15th, 2018, 8:41 pm

Is the position still open? I think my experience writing for public domain supers makes me exactly the writer you want. Check your PMs!
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Otto Gruenwald
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