(CLOSED) In need of an artist(s)

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(CLOSED) In need of an artist(s)

Postby ChaoticFlux » August 4th, 2018, 5:32 pm

If you are a well seasoned comic book artist or artists, who can draw a very wide range of things, then you may be exactly what I'm looking for.

Chaotic Flux:

In the distant future, humanity lies heavily on its last shred of hope. Ravaged by global pollution, massive human greed, and barely fending off an alien invasion less than two decades ago, mankind now must face new and unspeakable horrors.

On the verge of the extinction of almost the all life on Earth, a last-ditch effort for survival is in the hands of six very brave individuals. Each with their own unique and powerful gifts, the likes of which their world has never quite seen before.

They will all be pushed to their absolute limits in order to stop a devastating global plague of life devouring and highly adaptive abominations. However, a new and even more powerful threat lies just over the horizon...

I've written the script for issue #1 and am working on issue #2 now. The early reviews I've gotten have been great. I've also started some character designing.

This will be a VERY high concept and long series. Consisting of a wide range of genres. It's an amalgamation of Sci-Fi, Superhero, heavy action/adventure, fantasy, horror, and deep drama, with a powerful love story. This sounds like a wild mix, but I've figured out how to make it all work and tell a great overall story at the same time.

There are strong elements of The X-Men, WATCHMEN, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, the Resident Evil game series, and classic 80's/90's mecha and robotics anime all making up, again, this highly ambitious project.

The art in this book will range from all of the genres I've mentioned above. As well as mecha like design work and mechanical machinery. The story also consists of a lot of high action and emotional drama. Also at times, gore and graphic violence. All of these are requirements for art in the book.

The overall art style I'm looking for is dark and realistic, yet stylized. With kind of west meets eastern blend. Please send me or post examples of comic layout pages you have done, if you have them. Also, list your drawing strengths.

I am looking to raise the bar with this book. In story, art, style, and genre-bending.

I will not settle for anything less. I really believe this book has the potential to be something truly great. To be truly special.

So if you think you've got what I'm looking for to shake up what people traditionally think of as comic books and any of the genres involved, then come on an join me and let's do this thing. Together.

What I will need up front from my artist(s):

Detailed character designs for promotional use and visually striking promotional art. For YouTube videos and a Facebook page for promoting the CROWDFUNDING of the project. Then later posters, T-Shirts, desktop wallpapers, and that sort of thing.

As well, of course, the art of the actual comic issues.

The promotional art will be for raising interest in the project and getting people to help fund it. YOU WILL BE PAID for all used work on the project.

NOTE: Just because I am crowdfunding, DOES NOT MEAN you have to wait to get paid. As soon as ANY work is approved, you will be well compensated for your contribution and hard work.

There will be a contract to make everything legit and good for everyone involved.

Another thing to note is that I am looking to do a split pay program with you if you are interested. Meaning, all money made off of this project will be split between myself and all the artists involved. This includes merchandise based on the project.

I will be giving it about a month to look at all the applicant's works and picking right artist or artists for the job.

So if would like to hop on this awesome and unforgettable ride, then please contact me and I hope to speak with you soon.


Sharp Edge comics: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SharpEdgeComics/
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Re: In need of an artist(s) for a highly ambitious comic boo

Postby ChaoticFlux » August 5th, 2018, 5:47 pm

Alright. I know some of you are curious to learn more about Chaotic Flux.

I thought that I would give more story set up for you today. As well as a peak into the origin of one of the stories greatest enemies. So here it goes. Enjoy.

Set in a post World War III future, 50 years out. Just nearly 20 years after we faced mass extinction at the hands of an alien invasion by the Litherak.

Pollution covers the planet. Resulting in smog thick clouds blocking out most of the sun on a regular basis. On a really good day, you can actually see the sun peeking through the veil. But on most days, all you can see of the sky is a haze of dark orange and yellow.

The rain stings the skin on contact. Those with weak immune systems or breathing problems won’t last a day outside without protection.

Terrible weather systems, massive droughts, and rising sea levels have dwindled livable areas of the planet by more than half. Dry areas have lost all of their crops and livestock. While many areas below sea level have been swallowed up by the ocean.

Tornado alley in North America has become a wasteland of unpredictable destruction. That's now known as Cataclysm Alley.

All of this and more has resulted in a global turf war. Famine, safe places to live, and the search for clean water have all forced many countries into war with one another and some even themselves.

What’s left of North America had become 2 massive fortresses. Connected by an underground tunnel, through North Dakota. Divided by Cataclysm Alley, they are surrounded by massive walls and a powerful military force. All in an effort to protect what little recourses the country has left and the people inside from the outside world trying to force its way in.

However, a last resort effort to cure world famine was underway in the East North American fortress.

They had brought together the greatest geneticists to create a new life form, through a complicated and long splicing process. The basis of that splicing? Many animal life forms found throughout our planet. All spliced together. Again and again, and again.

Resulting in a twisted abomination, yes. But also creating a new lifeform that is rich in vital nutrients, capable of reproducing asexually at a rapid rate, and can resist the harsh outside conditions of this world.

The new creature was very strange, yet almost cute, in a weird way. They had named it, Hope.

At first, things went really well with Hope. The creature met all of the demands of the scientists and their corporate masters. But then Hope’s offspring began to become hostile. Then their offspring even more so. Their appetites grew equally as disturbing. They began showing signs of heightened intelligence, as well. More and more with each new generation. It was as if they were somehow rapidly evolving. Hope had died at this point, as it was learned that they could only live for a few days. And yet, each new generation was living a little longer than the last.

After a while, the creatures began to fight hard to escape their confinements. There are 20 of them at this point, 2 per holding cell. Their keepers had worked hard to control them, with no effect. They had begun to consider canceling the experiment, as the creatures grew more out of control every day.

Then one day it happened. One of the creatures in the cell with the latest generation had suddenly elongated its jaw and devoured it’s cellmate, alive. It was caught off guard from behind and didn’t stand a chance. The scientists were shocked, unsure what to do. Then the sibling devouring creature began to mutate. The geneticists couldn’t believe their eyes, stunned in fascination, as they watched it grow 2 very large extra limbs out of it’s back and a set of extra legs. It then proceeded to use its new massive limbs to bash open it’s cell, like 2 giant battering rams. While using the extra legs for stabilization.

At this point the other creatures have begun to fight one another in their cells, attempting to eat their neighbors and mutate just like the first one.

The military guards jumped to action. One attempting to terminate the creatures in their cells, but at this point, it was mostly too late. As the first escapee launches itself at the soldier going for the incineration button. Other soldiers begin to open fire with laser rifles. A geneticist manages to hit the button. However, it only managed to incinerate one of the creatures still in its cell, while still trying to break free. Extremely fast, agile, and bloodthirsty, the creatures become a hailstorm of teeth and slashing clawed arms...

This is the birth of the DREADFIENDS.

Chaotic Flux -
A sudden or abrupt unnatural event, causing a massive imbalance to an entire ecosystem.

Stay tuned. More to come. Thanks for reading...
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Re: In need of an artist(s) for a highly ambitious comic boo

Postby ChaoticFlux » August 8th, 2018, 1:22 am

Hello all. Sorry I have given many updates. I've been pretty busy with going through applicants, trying to promote this project, doing my day job, and making time to do things with my wife.

I do have an assistant now, so things are starting to pick up more. But even with that being said, I ask that you please bear with me a little longer. I appreciate your patience.

I am still waiting for about 2 more weeks to decide on my picks. As while the influx applicants have slowed down, I am still averaging a little over 10 a day. And I want to give enough time for everyone to throw their hat into the ring, who want to.

Again, I thank you all so much for your patience and I'll make another update here in about 5 days or so.

Here are a couple of character bios I've recently written, for anyone who wants to check them out and get more of an idea for the project.

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Re: In need of an artist(s) for a highly ambitious comic boo

Postby ChaoticFlux » August 15th, 2018, 2:43 pm

Thank you to everyone who has applied for the Chaotic Flux artist job.

I have now chosen my artist and am closing the search. Again, thank you all for the great interest in this project. I will keep you all in mind for future art projects.

If you want to know who the artist is, please join us on the Sharp Edge Comics Facebook group page #SharpEdgeComics on August the 18th, this Saturday at 12pm CST, where I will reveal who the artist is. As well as show some early Chaotic Flux concept art and possibly more work the artist has done.

Hope to see you there and good luck to you all.

-Scott Payne
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Re: In need of an artist(s) for a highly ambitious comic boo

Postby eishiya » August 15th, 2018, 2:53 pm

Congrats on finding an artist!
To avoid confusion, I recommend editing the title of the thread to include [CLOSED] or something similar, ideally at the start. You can do that by editing the first post in the thread.
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Re: In need of an artist(s) for a highly ambitious comic boo

Postby ChaoticFlux » August 16th, 2018, 10:27 am

Oh yeah! Good idea. Thanks for the tip.
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