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Postby kuroi_hitsuji » June 11th, 2019, 10:37 am

I'm back, but now I've got a small monthly income from some patrons! (yay)
And now I know thanks to prev kind commenters from old thread what the betting average is.

Still, it's small and I've already got someone for hire. However, they're lagging a bit on updates that they promised, so I'm checking to see if I can hire someone else to help out!
Also now I've got a better idea of how much I can shell out per page and how regularly.


TONING ONLY (art and speech done by me)


1.) Must have paypal

2.) Must have basic knowledge of and access to Photoshop

3.) Willing to work only as needed (three pages per month max, may not get a page other months)


1.) Per page payment budget: 10$/page. (Paypal only, and through invoice)

2.) One time payment, no royalties, but def credit, I'm not scammin.

3.) To undergo one unpaid test, where you tone a blank page.

4.) Will get Photoshop brushes and screentone patterns for free as resources AFTER passing test.**
**except in kurohi, I will give a downloaded halftone filter that I use.

5.) Tones due 10 days after payment/trade agreement, to be requested by paypal invoice.

6.) This is an ASSISTANT position. Meaning to say you wont do everything by yourself, I'll help too. I'll give instructions where I have clear ideas, and perhaps even tone a panel or two myself.

**These are my funds based on my circumstances, and I currently have one other assistant.
**I will never give work without payment beforehand.
Pls comment if u have a better idea of the floor or ceiling rate given both my circumstances and quality! Thank you!



I'm not quite active on smackjeeves anymore.

NAME: (pen handle allowed, just need to be able to credit you)

CONTACT: (discord is prefered, so I can screenshare with you. But otherwise, email/twitter is best.)

TIME ZONE: (i.e. PST, GMT+1, etc.)
TIME AVAILABLE: (According to GMT + 8, not your time zone. Just so that I know what time I can expect )

SKILLS: (i.e. I can use layer masks in photoshop, use pen tool, etc.etc.)

****Attach samples of your toned work, and then describe your basic process. Preferably in original size (before resizing, if you do any between finishing the work and publishing it). If you have no samples, then say so.****
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