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Postby ACaspian » July 21st, 2019, 11:21 pm


If you are not working on any major projects.
And have the time, the project’s will be a mini series. The premise is that of a dead boy scout cub.
Accidentally resurrected by wild feline.
Though I'd an artist whose good with facial expression. As well as good at drawing animals and monsters. The main character is basically mute, since he’s dead. He’s co-star the cat is very expensive. As they they form a parent/kid adventure.

Basically its “BONE” meets DC’S “Klarion WitchBoy”
In terms of art style.
Genre: Dark / Campy/Horror

as I said before, message me if you have experienced in these fields of art and storytelling! include examples of your style! I reserve the right to decline a submission or to drop you out of the project if you fail to keep to your word or if you stop working on it all together with no reason. (If you have a reason to drop out of it just let me know I am very understanding and will almost always understand your circumstances)

If you would rather have more information about the plot before committing to the project pm me and I'll provide everything I can to inform you better on what the plot is and will be like!

I apologize but no payment will be given, I do plan to publish them when they are complete and when that happens 65% of the profit will be given to you.
(If I take on multiple assistants that require pay the percent will be split evenly among all who helped!)
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Postby eishiya » July 22nd, 2019, 8:13 am

Please don't post duplicate threads. I deleted your previous one. In the future, if you want to add to your post or change it, please use the Edit feature.
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