Webcomic Writer Partner Wanted (Long Term Free Collab)

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Webcomic Writer Partner Wanted (Long Term Free Collab)

Postby KrisLalev » August 11th, 2019, 2:37 am

Before I start I'd like to point out that I am looking for open-minded people.

I am currently working 6 days a week 10 hours a day and I have a day off Sunday. I have time to draw from 3:00am to 6:30 am Mon-Sat and all day Sun. Last but not least: I can take tuesday and wednesday off every week if I want to and If needed to make sure I can draw enough. So with that being said, let me introduce myself. I am Kristiyan and I've started developing my manga aristic skills 2 years ago. Currently I don't have time to study the right way of creating a story but I did my fair share of reading and writing so I do understand 1 or 2 things. However I think it would be best if I take a little weight off my shoulders and work together with other people, which I always enjoy(don't know how that Idea never crossed my mind before). I need a writer that shares similar ideas like mine so that we can both enjoy what we are doing. By having similar tastes we will be able to push through tough times and procrastination.
Here are my criteria:

- I got into making manga thanks to Naruto. After watching Shaman king, Fairy Tail, One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dragon Ball Series, Bleach, Dr. Stone and many more, I absolutely fell in love with the battle manga idea and the implementation of how you can fight for a goal or a dream and inspire people through their stories.

- Any time I tried thinking of a story idea and just let my brain loose and do his thing, these are the ideas for pottential stories I came up with:* Reaper Story - Person Has near-death experience. He meets the Reaper in his coma dream and signs a contract which tells him and the creator of the story ONLY when he will die. Until then whatever happens around him, he won't be able to die. Example: If a car is about to hit him on the road, the car will run into a nail, blow a tire and go to the side.* Cthullu Pearl - A person finds a pearl on the beach shore and turns out whenever touched he can read people's minds and/or move objects like telecinesys.* Indiana jones story - a scientist finds out that the Earth might actually be flat and what we have Exprlored of the Earth is only 10% of the so-called Experimental part f it. The rest is behind the Frozen walls of the poles. He takes on a journey to uncover the mystery.

From what I see, my brain likes to think of suspense, mystery, adventure stories with a supernatural hint in it. Think Death Note, Jojo Series, Monster, The Promised Neverland, Code Geass etc.

So there are two options here:
- Shounen battle concept manga.- Suspense, mystery, supernatural manga.

What I preffer to avoid focusing on MAIN genre is: - Comedy - Sci-Fi

Isekai is in between. It depends I suppose how original it is considering the huge competition nowadays around it.

I am also open for a short term story just so that we can both see if we are suited to work long term!

I am not a writer and probably never will be so I would like to focus on my strengths which is art. I am consistently iproving and finding new ways to make my perspective, anatomy and manga style better and more professional.Anyone who is interested please let me know

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Re: Webcomic Writer Partner Wanted (Long Term Free Collab)

Postby KissyPunch » September 17th, 2019, 1:05 pm

Hey, are you still looking for a writer? :-D I'm looking for a collab partner and I actually liked your story idea, especially the Cthulluu Pearl idea I can see going a lot of ways. Want to talk on PM and trade ideas?
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