Looking for Graphic Novel Artist [PAID]

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Looking for Graphic Novel Artist [PAID]

Postby EllisMatthews » September 17th, 2019, 5:32 am

Writer of Man of Many Shades (http://themanofmanyshades.smackjeeves.com/) seeks artist for new graphic novel. 100 pages up front, ~350 pages total. All styles welcome!

If interested, please email ArtistSearch3000@gmail.com with:

- links to your artwork or images embedded in the email (no downloads please)
- your price per page

About the story: a hilarious, feel-good romp about depression, alcoholism, and suicide. Must be comfortable with dark themes.

About payment: I'm comfortable with either a work-for-hire arrangement or a backend split, or maybe some combination of the two. Because I'm funding this out of pocket, I'd ask that artists with high fees consider deferred payment.

Feel free to tell me about yourself and why you're into comics, or ask any questions about the project. Please allow a few weeks for a response. Thanks!
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