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Postby DevilBoi » September 6th, 2017, 5:23 pm

Every review I see is fairly good. I was just wondering if anyone here used Gimp and what y'all thought of it, and if it would be good for a beginner? If not what do you recommend? :D
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Re: Gimp?

Postby eishiya » September 6th, 2017, 5:50 pm

Warning: Take everything below with a grain of salt. I do not currently use the GIMP. I use Photoshop, to which the GIMP is meant to be a free alternative. The post below is based on my very limited experience and familiarity with the GIMP several years ago, as well as my familiarity with the similarly-featured Photoshop.

The GIMP is a very versatile program, but because of this versatility, it also has a steep learning curve, and none of its drawing tools are really specialized. It's a good choice if you plan to do a lot of different things in it, but if you're only planning to do 1-2 distinct things, you may have an easier time using more specialized software, which have tools that the GIMP and similar tools like Photoshop lack, and which don't clutter up the interface with tools you'll never use.

The GIMP is a jack of all trades, master of none. Some programs do certain other things better, but the GIMP is a good choice if you expect to do a lot of different kinds of things and don't want to install/learn different programs for all of them.

One last factor is the availability of tutorials for certain things. For example, if you want to do comics, you might have trouble finding good tutorials because not a lot of good comic creators use it. You'll likely have to experiment to find your own effective techniques, or modify techniques from crappy tutorials. This is especially an issue since without dedicated tools for certain things (e.g. panel borders, speech bubbles, perspective rulers), everyone has their own hacky techniques to achieve them and you might like some of those techniques better than others.

What do you plan to do with it? Comics, illustrations, something else? Colour, B&W? Painterly or cel-shaded? Line-heavy or lineless? Knowing what you're aiming to achieve might help people give recommendations for other software. The GIMP can do all of these things, as can most drawing programs, the question is how easy it is compared to other tools.
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Re: Gimp?

Postby Hornmeister » September 7th, 2017, 1:32 am

I worked for a long time with gimp, but that was like eight years ago at this point. If I remember correctly, and under the condition that my experiences still apply to the current version of the program, gimp lends itself very well to all kinds of ilustration work. You just have to work yourself through it, because the interface is a mess of arrangable and floating windows. I also remember having trouble with custom brushes, but that could be fixed and no longer relevant at this point
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