How long is your average chapter?

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Re: How long is your average chapter?

Postby maiji » April 2nd, 2019, 7:01 pm

I've taken the attitude mentioned by a few people of "as long as it needs to be". Right now my chapters are:
  • Chapter 0: 66 pages
  • 1: 19 pages
  • 2: 109 pages (introduction of a major character)
  • 3: 43 pages
  • 4: 23 pages
  • 5: 56 pages
  • 6: will be wrapping up at 42 pages

I have no idea where the next chapter will end up as the script is still being worked out as I go, but I feel like it'll be similar to chapter 2.
The structure of my comic is a collection of individual episodes with a more slice-of-life nature, so this might not work for everyone.
From a reader perspective, I don't tend to pay much attention to length, because it's so easy to breeze through comic pages when you're reading. Personally, I think # of pages is less a target in and of itself, and the more important goals are clarity and pacing - being able to follow the story and having it flow well. That said, it is really interesting to see on average where people net out at!
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