Can't achieve the same results with traditional art

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Can't achieve the same results with traditional art

Postby jonufele » July 28th, 2017, 4:42 pm

I tried moving from digital to traditional, but the pages I do traditionally are nothing but garbage compared with the digital pages, I simply can't make clean/smooth lines traditionally.
Since I can't keep drawing digitally because it hurts my eyes, well, drawing is over for me.
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Re: Can't achieve the same results with traditional art

Postby eishiya » July 28th, 2017, 4:51 pm

Any new medium takes practice to get comfortable with. If you want to keep drawing, then just keep drawing. Perhaps try working larger and/or on smoother paper if it's the paper texture that's messing you up.

If you want to tell the world that you're giving up, why make a thread in Art Tutorials & Techniques for it? If you just want to vent, please use the vent thread, this isn't the place for it. If venting is your goal, I can move this post into that thread if you want.
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Re: Can't achieve the same results with traditional art

Postby Nugtown » July 28th, 2017, 9:34 pm

How did you try? I'm curious. With the kind of art direction you look like you're trying to pursue, it helps to have the right tools. I'm not one to say tools make your art the best in the world, of course they don't but they really help the quality of your art.
For example, this image is to scale. The fine lines couldn't be achieved with even the smallest technical pen (.20 mm)
Spoiler! :

I work with metal nibs that can produce fine lines only otherwise achievable digitally.

But there's huge trade offs when it comes to going all the way like this, and that is money, because you have to buy things like paper, and pens, and ink. I've easily blown over a hundred dollars on supplies. Learning how to use nib pens is also a huge challenge to tackle. I just did it because paper is my jam and I like it a lot.
I also work hybrid using digital programs to add and edit my pages where I need.
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