Rules about shading and color selection?

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Rules about shading and color selection?

Postby TheBahdArtis » September 3rd, 2019, 5:43 am

I want an easy to understand explanation. Please?

Re: Rules about shading and color selection?

Postby eishiya » September 3rd, 2019, 7:09 am

Light is a very complex topic, there isn't an easy explanation. This is a great tutorial about it, but even it's several pages long (a lot of it is illustrations though).

The simplest explanation about light (and therefore colour and shading) I can come up with is something like this:
1. Where light hits, things are lit. Where light does not reach, things are in shadow. Light can fail to reach a part of an object because it's facing away from the light (form shadows) or because something is in the way (cast shadows).
2. Light bounces off bright and shiny surfaces. This bounced light can partially light up some shadows.
3. Light carries colour with it. Even white light, if it bounces off a brightly coloured object, will pick up some of that colour.
4. You need to understand what you're drawing in 3D to apply these most effectively, even if you're working in a highly stylised 2D style.

I recommend reading the tutorial I read though, as it explains 2+3 much better and with pictures.
If you want to understand the 1st bit better, then the best thing to do is to grab a portable light and some objects (a cylindrical mug, a wall, a small box, and maybe something human-shaped), and see how they look with the light coming from different directions, how their changes change as you move the light. This is best done in an otherwise dark room, so that other light sources don't mess with the shadows you see.
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Re: Rules about shading and color selection?

Postby /ka.lne » September 26th, 2019, 2:35 am

Thank you! That helped so much. I'll see if I can get to reading it another day. :} good explaining!

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