OilCan Drive

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OilCan Drive

Postby John Gatehouse » November 16th, 2013, 10:37 am

Okay, dudes 'n' dudettes, polish those drum cymbals and tune up that electric guitar!

'Cos it's time to - ROCK 'N' ROLL!! :D :D

If ya like post-apocalyptic dystopian science fiction westerns infused with a rock 'n' roll soundtrack that features a band of rebellious young musicians fighting "The System" (Power to the People! Right On, Baby! Woo Hoo!) and which includes a giant-sized gorilla on bass guitar then wot de 'eck are you reading this for...?! Go check out OilCan Drive, a totally rad new strip by professional creator, Sean Tiffany! :D

Sean has worked for the likes of Marvel Comics, Sport Illustrated and Time Magazine, and with that kinda pedigree ya know that he's da real deal when it comes to producing work that oozes quality.

I have been eagerly waiting for Sean to reach that magic 30 uploaded pages so that I could spotlight his strip. (Make sure that check's in the post, Sean! :P :P )

OilCan Drive is a rollickin' non-stop action story filled with well-defined characters (although, in fairness,young romantic Ryan has so far been best defined - I'm still waiting for Henry the gorilla to start kickin' ass! Or "arse" as we Brits say! :lol: :lol:), plus thrills, chills, romance, a mysterious "evil organization" called the EMF Military run by the equally mysterious 'The General' and SO! MUCH! MORE! (How's that for a plug?! Booshakka!)

Apart from Sean's sumptuous, clean and clear artwork, which includes detailed backgrounds (something other artists on this site might like to take note of - Hint! Hint! :D ), as a writer I appreciate that Sean isn't afraid to fill panels with numerous dialogue balloons to move the story along. It reminds me favorably of the Chris Claremont School of Writing, and that ain't a bad thing, chuckles.

Go read comics from the 70s by the likes of Claremont, Moench, Englehart, McGregor, Gerber and the rest. These are comics that, once finished, you felt as though you had had your money's worth for your hard-earned buck. This current fad in American comics of spectacle over substance, which basically means lots of big action panels with little or no dialogue and NO characterisation bore the begeebers outta me.

So far, OilCan Drive is hitting all the right pleasure buttons, and the series is about to kick into high gear.

Here's the link to Sean's page:


I can't MAKE you check it out, but me and Henry armed with baseball bats arriving on your doorstep ain't gonna be a pretty sight!

Ya have been warned.


As we hombres and mujeres say in Mallorca, ¡Hasta la semana que viene!

¡Nos vemos!

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