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Postby LespritDescalier » November 17th, 2013, 9:48 pm

Hey guys. I didn't see GATEKEEPER on here so I thought I'd nominate it for spotlight.

The story follows recent graduate Olivia Kane, who is thrilled to find an internship with renowned criminal psychologist Jack Porter until she discovers that Jack is a member of the Gatekeepers, an organization of hitmen/cleaners tasked with concealing heinous crimes from the police.

The comic presents interesting themes about ethics and justice, but it's never haughty. I am also amazed at the level of quality that she puts out - the comic looks very professional in terms of artwork and composition. The idea of a "gatekeeper" organization is also really interesting, and the character dynamic is fresh to me. I'm eager to see what she decides to do with the concept.

The comic has over 70 pages thus far and it updates around twice every week. Check it out! o w o
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Postby John Gatehouse » November 18th, 2013, 2:40 am

Hi Les

Thanks for spotlighting Gatekeeper. If it hadn't been for your recommendation, I would probably have missed it.

My first reaction was "Oh, god! Manga! I hate Manga!", and upon reading the first few pages I quickly grew disillusioned by the character of Olivia. There are many reasons why I can't abide Manga (and this is from the guy who wrote a kazillion Digimon strips for Panini - having said that, Digimon is the one series I did enjoy!), the most annoying one being the large, wide-eyed innocent faces especially on girl characters and the fact that Manga girls are usually such wimps. Take Olivia for example. She's 21 and acts like a terrified kindergarten brat who screams every time she sees a creepy crawly. Very annoying.

However...that negativity aside, I continued reading because you gave the series a very strong 'thumbs-up'.

I have to admit that as the story progressed, it grew on me. I have only read chapter 1 so far, and Olivia needs a sharp kick up the butt to toughen her up, but Jack is definitely an interesting character and I have a feeling Olivia will grow in stature, also.

Both story and artwork are extremely strong. Personally, I may not like the Manga style (to each his own) but I can tell quality when I see it, and Linda's style is professional and confident.

Thanks to your spotlight, I have now become a Gatekeeper fan. Much appreciated.

John Gatehouse (& Mogs)
John Gatehouse
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