I nominate something entirely different -

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I nominate something entirely different -

Postby Nightray2002 » November 19th, 2013, 11:28 am

As front man for The ADAPT™ Project, I'd like to nominate Kelly Williams excellent 'The Mission' for inclusion in the Smackjeeves' Comic Spotlight. Kelly has the unique reputation of being the first Black Female to have a hit comic book, 'Few Survive the Mission', published in the USA and has produced a true crime noir graphic novel with 'Kulprit.' When she came to The ADAPT™ Project she wanted to further her innovative spirit with a more comprehensive look at 'The Mission.' This online telling is different from the two issue comic book series, adding all the things that couldn't be put in the comic because of space and time constraints. Online, in the ongoing weekly series, she gets to fill in all the research that led to Few Survive the Mission's success as a comic book. As for innovation, she's not hamstrung by conventional storytelling techniques or visual constraints as the digital arena allows her to utilize not only traditional comic techniques such as pacing and flow but also the prose stylings of traditional writing as well as, and this is true innovation: the utilization of animation as part of the story! This isn't an animated series though and it's use, as well as the other storytelling techniques and stylings, is used as needed for dramatic effect and story impact. Sometimes subtle, always honest and never boring, she's crafting the next great American novel using the digital divide to bring readers into the twenty first century and the promise this new medium provides. I'm hoping that if you aren't reading it's because you haven't ran across it yet. The web is almost infinite so take this as the beacon to get you to start checking it out now, you won't be disappointed. http://themission.smackjeeves.com/
-Darrell Goza for The ADAPT™ Project series of strips.
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Re: I nominate something entirely different -

Postby anime-honeybee » November 19th, 2013, 2:34 pm

It strikes me as more of a novel/lit than a comic per se, but it would be interesting to see what other people think of having something that is indeed different in format spotlit on a webcomic hosting site. I'm kind of iffy about it myself, but good luck.

Also unrelated, but do you have an actual TM? That's not something you can just throw onto a name and have it mean anything at all. You actually have to register a trade-mark. Also, trade-marks aren't the same as trade-names. You might know this already, but just in case, it's pretty important.
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Re: I nominate something entirely different -

Postby eishiya » November 19th, 2013, 3:31 pm

Since anime-honeybee mentioned the format, I figure I'll chime in too: I don't see why not! Though mostly a novel with some comic-like sections, it does use the SmackJeeves platform in a way that makes sense and doesn't hurt the novel. I don't think the format should be held against it.

That said, I feel like the 3D illustrations are more distracting and unpleasant to look at than anything. It's cool that some of them provide dialogue that's not in the text, and most of them are composed pretty well, but the lighting and rendering are not good. 3D is difficult, and done poorly, it does more harm than good, especially in this day and age when most would-be readers are spoiled by amazing 3D artwork all over the place, even rendered real-time in video games.
Because of the quality of the rendering, I have a hard time taking the story seriously, and thus would not recommend it for the spotlight in its current state.

Also, nominating comics you're associated with is allowed, but is generally frowned upon. Nominations from un-associated fans are given more weight, for obvious reasons.

(The trademark talk is off-topic, so please continue that in PMs if you want to, not in this thread.)
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