Evil Empire

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Evil Empire

Postby John Gatehouse » January 30th, 2014, 4:50 am

Okay, I've been kinda lax of late in promoting some of the really quality strips that are on Smack Jeeves, so it's time to catch up on the backload.

Evil Empire was suggested to me by the creator's cousin. I thought, "Hey ho, better have a look to be polite", not really expecting much.

That'll teach me to prejudge a strip before I've even seen it! Oops!

While I won't claim that this strip is entirely perfect - the creator's occasionally habit of using red type in black dialogue balloons so you can't read the dialogue is slightly frustrating - it is a genuinely fun strip. It took a few episodes before the slightly off-kilter, quirky artwork and coloring appealled to me, but now i realise how much it suits the strip.

Storywise, the strip has a twisted "Red Dwarf" edge to it, with somewhat nonsensical storylines and humor and completely bonkers characters.

The story involves a misfit crew of soldiers in the pay of the Evil Empire-building Kraivex that is laying waste across the galaxy. One night of drunken debauchery later and the crew accidentally plunge their ship through a black hole, emerging 7 years later to find that the Evil Empire lost the war and they are on their own in enemy territory. (Don'tcha hate it when that happens?!)

What makes this strip so entertaining is the constant witty and snarky banter between the constantly bickering crewmembers. Each character has his or her own voice and personality. And of course the storylines are completely daft - in a good way!

Good Sci-Fi comedy is currently missing from TV schedules. Broadcasters could do a lot worse than to consider developing an Evil Empire TV series.

Go, Evil Empire!


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