Sparkling Shimmer

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Sparkling Shimmer

Postby littaly » September 12th, 2019, 5:40 am

This is one of my favorite comics of all, but it only has 2 fans and I really truly believe it deserves so much more than that. It started on deviantart and moved to Smackjeeves a little bit ago.

It’s an equestria girls centered comic, exploring a newfound relationship between Sunset & SciTwi, and how they cope and evolve with the idea of dating your best friend, let alone a girl.

It updates every week on Tuesday nights and sticks to that schedule. She only takes a break in between chapters, but I think it’s finishing up the story soonish. I will 100% recommend this over and over again. The art is amazing, The paneling is easy to follow, and the story is so catchy!
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