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Fly Up!

Postby bellaalasonce » October 11th, 2018, 9:11 pm

Hi everyone!

I present to you Fly Up! my comic, to begin I leave the synopsis

Angels, demons, wizards, humans. They’re only a few of the humanoid rationals beings that exist on the planet. They’re all born with a purpose and they have different tasks to accomplish during their existance on the terrenal world. Even though they share lands, not all of them are conscious of the existance of others: there are rules to keep the order.
Tatiana is a girl that, just by existing, has broken many rules. Her life is a breach for evil creatures, and since her childhood, she’s been constantly attacked by horrible monsters worthy of the darkest nightmares.
One day, after unexpected events, she’s forced to meet punishment for things that didn’t depend on her. Now, she’ll have to learn with such punishment and get over the situation in the best way possible. Because, nothing weird can happen now... Or can it?
y career with this comic dates back many years, when I was quite small. In fact, the first sketches date back to when I was only 13 (now 21). I have gone through information loss and had to start from 0 and that's how the Fly Up! current
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