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Alchemy Brothers[traditional, magic, skeletons, first comic]

PostPosted: August 13th, 2017, 12:35 am
by FanOFluffStuff
Hey! So, I started my first comic called Alchemy Brothers. I have the cover and the first page up right now, and the next pages scheduled for weekly updates on mondays starting this next monday.

Original content revolving around a skeleton named Ahti, a part of the Alchemy Brothers. A very small group who grew up together, only two of which are brothers by blood, being Ammon and Nio. Well, 'related by blood' being a very relative term since skeletons don't have blood. An everyday ordinary monster society with technology/science and magic. There's a lot planned for this story, and while it has basic artwork, the story is sure to keep you waiting for the next page once it gets going. Updates every monday, occasionally friday as well.

The characters look sorta whacky, and there's well thought through backstory for each of them beyond what just the physical appearance calls for. There's hints and foreshadowing everywhere while not being too blatant (hopefully), and something that may seem small and insignificant int he beginning might turn out to be something bigger in the future or vice versa.

(lemme know if I'm doing this wrong)