This Aint your Dad's Parody

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This Aint your Dad's Parody

Postby RollReverse » October 7th, 2017, 4:02 am

Are you an avid fan of Dungeons and Dragons, or tabletop RPGs in general? Are you tired of the day old bread that is every DND parody out there? Are you tired of the misconception that people that play DND play DND as one cohesive unit? Well this comic is probably for you.

Roll Reverse follows four college students, Kyur, Brenna, Natasha, and Katie, as they play through a well thought out, intricate, and complex campaign.

Well, at least they were supposed to.

Instead, watch as their characters, The Assorted Bone Golem known infamously as Ass.Bone, Urpal-Adin, the Paladin, and Resinor, the Treant, completely dismantle the world they've been dropped into. Piece by piece, watch as these characters not only disrupt the natural order of things, but cause a full blown violent rebellion, with death tolls in the millions.


This is my first major public attempt at a webcomic, I plan on sticking with it as long as my hands and depression permits me. The art my be bad, the paneling may be odd, but I'm learning this all over time. I appreciate any support or criticism you might have, and I invite you to check it out.
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