Accursed Welcomes You!

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Accursed Welcomes You!

Postby Ryza » June 21st, 2018, 11:34 am

Hello everyone!

Why am I here again :?:
Oh right :shock: . So this is where I promote my comic.

Accursed is about a child who is born with a soul of a demon! :twisted: Harbingers of darkness, born to return the world to the dark ages when the demons feasted on human flesh! Doomed to be executed at birth as the law dictates, one such accursed child manages to escape such fate. How? Who knows. Why? :? Dunno. Hotel?...
All jesting aside, this demon child falls into the most unlikely of company when she destroys a - 5 million gold worth - bottle of wine. Will she manage to repay her debt before the guards find out of her existence and kill her?
Only time will tell.

On a side note this in fantasy and may contain gore,blood and all of such stuff. :P
I'm still working on my art and coloring. I am trying to improve. Any helpful suggestions and criticism are welcome too!
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