Because I'm Depressed

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Because I'm Depressed

Postby Valigarmander » September 9th, 2018, 1:20 am


Y'know, this comic has been up since 2013, and I never got around to making a self-promotion thread for it...

Because I'm Depressed is about Diego, a clinically depressed, chain-smoking, painkiller-addicted, alcoholic, widowed single father trying to raise his daughter Chel, with the help of his marginally less-dysfunctional roommates, Eve and Ben. It's mainly gag-a-day, with occasional extended arcs but little in the way (yet) of an overarching plot. Updates every six days!

As you may have deduced, it's a black comedy centered around depression. I personally suffer from depression, and this comic was actually birthed during a particularly troubled period of my life. For me, black comedy is a coping mechanism: taking things that upset me or make me depressed and turning them into something that makes me laugh is a way of conquering depression.

Content warning, of course, as a lot of the jokes center around depression, suicide and similar subjects, and I absolutely understand that this type of humor isn't for everybody. But if you're interested... well, check it out.
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