A colorful BL comic

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A colorful BL comic

Postby Lucazu » October 8th, 2018, 4:58 am


Hi, this is my newest comic "Small Problem" ^-^

Aaron is a short and energetic guy who is struggling with his height, and finding love.
He is jealous of his three friends who are tall and handsome. They never seem to have any problems finding a date. When Aaron’s three friends have a plan to go out on a triple date. Aaron doesn't want to be left out, especially since it will be a date to Aaron’s favorite amusement park.

Aaron lies about having a date so he can tag along. As he desperately tries to find a date, he resorts to hiring an escort online.
But what if he accidently makes a mistake and the escort he hires isn’t what he thought ‘she’d’ be?

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