When and where does your comic take place?

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When and where does your comic take place?

Postby Pencilz » June 12th, 2019, 3:14 pm

Not sure if there's already been a topic similar to this or not, anyways the title is self explanatory. What time period is your story set? Where in the world (or out of it) are your characters? And does the time/place have any significant impact on your story?

The Caraway Crew is set sometime in '90s Massachusetts. The place because Massachusetts is prime eldritch country in a lot of literature so it seemed like an obvious choice, and I had the kids travel around on boats a lot so I wanted to settle for somewhere near the coast. The time... I guess I just picked the 90s because I have an affinity for 90s aesthetics aha, and the fact that two of my favorite 90s shows inspire the tone and plot somewhat (X-Files and Twin Peaks respectively).

Re: When and where does your comic take place?

Postby yaaboa » June 12th, 2019, 3:56 pm

Yaaboa! takes place in North America, more specifically in the North Carolina region. This is mostly because that's where I grew up, so it's what I'm familiar with. One of the chapter covers features a waterfall from a state park kind of close to where I used to live, but like the time, it doesn't really make a whole lot of difference as to the specific location as the characters are just wildlife that don't really have a grasp on era, time period, year, what-have-you, or locations and boundaries other than possibly what areas meet there needs and territory limits of the other animals. I'm trying to use animals that are native to that region that would have been around before western settlers came to the country, but I may have or might accidentally include non-native species, though I'm trying my best to do research to avoid that.
I stated in one of the comics that the year was 20XX BC, and though technically, this is supposed to be the time period, again this was more for a joke as I don't think the characters would understand the concept of what year it was and wouldn't really care about it either way. It's mostly just to say a long time ago. Every once in a while the characters will have things that are modern technology, but these are just gags.
Geez, this answer reads like a term paper. I swear, the comic isn't this boring...hopefully.

Good topic, by the way. It will be interesting to see why people chose the times and locations that they did and to hear more about the lore of comics set off-world.
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Re: When and where does your comic take place?

Postby StanleyComics » June 12th, 2019, 4:32 pm

'Superhuman' takes place in the early nineties, too! Though I don't know exactly how much that's reflected through the fashion, it's seen in technology and interior design. It's set in a fictional town, called Prickcreak, which is somewhere in the United States, and the characters are self-proclaimed superheroes.
I chose the nineties, because I have a specific idea of the mundane technology the heroes use, versus the futuristic tech the villains do. Also, I have these other comic ideas, which are connected to this comic and one is set in the sixties, the other one is set vaguely in the 2000's. It's a whole mess of things why the timelines are like this, but it makes sense in my head xD
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Re: When and where does your comic take place?

Postby H84thwalls » June 12th, 2019, 6:53 pm

I'd imagine that Get the Tape would take place in an alternate timeline, around 2025. It's a timeline in which the Earth has become a wasteland, with the switch to this alternate future happening in the mid to early 2000s. Things like televisions and cameras went by the wayside and became a rarity, and handy, useful tech would overshadow tech pertaining to entertainment. So think Mad Max, with more retro VHS technology, robots, ect. Traveling merchants are a thing, cults that promise a solution to the wasteland exist, and world police known as The Guard patrol about the world and take down threats created from the wasteland. Things like Mech Suits, Televisions, and various technologies are sold at top dollar depending on it's rarity. This is sort of the idea.As for a set location to focus on, I don't see the series ever really taking place in one set location, only frequently seen location I had planned would be the main character's (Hailey Kale and Tonx) RV. Each story line would have a location to be in, and move on when the story line is done.
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Re: When and where does your comic take place?

Postby mitchellbravo » June 12th, 2019, 8:54 pm

Neat topic idea, and cool to see everyone's responses and reasons for choosing their settings :)

My comic takes place in the late 1910's (and will get into the 20's if I manage to ever get there) in a town more or less based on my hometown and surrounding environs in New Jersey. My aunt had an antique store when I was growing up and I got hooked on learning about Old Stuff. I'd written modern time period slice of life fiction before, but for whatever reason, in high school when I came up with this story, I decided to set it in the 10s-20s. I think it's because I'd just come off reading All Quiet on the Western Front which had left a really strong impact on me, but honestly it was so long ago now I can't remember. In some ways the time period can be limiting, and I sometimes have had to rewrite scenes or plots because they wouldn't have made sense in that era's context. It's been a rewarding excuse to do a lot of research (particularly on medical history which I seem to never get tired of), and a lot of the issues people had "back then" are still readily apparent in today's society, just reflected differently.

I picked a familiar location setting because it's easier to do research that way. World building is unfortunately one of my least favorite parts of writing, so being able to base things more or less off existing neighborhoods/locales solves a lot of problems for me. One family's house's location on a hill and even its orientation to the path of the sun is based on my own family's house because I'm really that broken for these things.
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These Romans are crazy.

Postby Cope » June 12th, 2019, 11:37 pm

Mine's currently in Constantinople in 455 CE. I just wanted to set the story in ancient Rome (I was probably under the influence of Asterix). I chose the fifth century because death was the main theme of the first storyline, which was set in the western half of the empire.
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Re: When and where does your comic take place?

Postby ShadNoise » June 13th, 2019, 4:07 am

LibraryVerse is on Part 1 currently, which takes place in a fictional suburb of Chicago called Orslow. I wanted it to be fictional so I could make up the details, but I also really like Chicago and I’ve visited it a lot - I used to have family there, and my mom and I used to visit yearly for the Christmas market or just to visit, or to do stuff at the German consulate since my mom is German. It’s a cool city, and it has a lot of diverse suburbs, so it felt like a good starting point for the story.

That and it’s juuust on the edge of the Midwest - lots of strange supernatural things to happen there.
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Re: When and where does your comic take place?

Postby CamRaz » June 13th, 2019, 1:17 pm

I'd say CO probably takes place anywhere from 2007-2011, cuz it's based on a stick figure comic I made in elementary school which was around that time :) Plus I just think it was a fun point in time, especially with how goofy internet culture was around then. As for where, it takes place in a desert in New Mexico!
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Re: When and where does your comic take place?

Postby HolyGoldenCarter » June 13th, 2019, 2:46 pm

TCHSA takes place in the 2000's, and it takes place all around the world. Although, the prologue takes place in Marianah, which is based off my hometown, Maplewood.
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Re: When and where does your comic take place?

Postby jellyfishin » June 14th, 2019, 1:30 am

I feel my current fan comic falls on the bizarre end of the spectrum here in terms of an actual setting. My fan comic takes place collectively in internet cyberspace, which I interpreted from a visual standpoint to be a vast space having a bunch of floating wide windows (playing off the words 'cyberspace' and 'browser window'). The main character views this space with a sort of peering-at-the-multiverse mentality, and he travels through this space and crawls through the windows to visit different alternate universes (which happens to be another world-building exercise altogether, albeit one that's a bit easier on my brain since I'm using alternate universe concepts designed by other fans, and I just fill in any gaps when necessary for the story. To note: my fan comic belongs to a particular fandom that is heavily invested with the idea of multiverse theory, and it's common for people in the fandom to come up with alternate universe concepts and create stories about characters being able to visit said alternate universes).

I wasn't the first person in that fandom to come up with the setting of a multiverse being seen as a void space with a bunch of floating windows, but I think I'm one of the few who has a less convoluted explanation for it in my head - basically I felt that, because the fandom shares their ideas of alternate universes through the internet (as opposed to more legacy-based media such as books/magazines, physical art, TV, or radio), the multiverse would really just be internet cyberspace and that each alternate universe exists as a website you see in a browser window.

As for a time period, it's technically real time (aka. present day). However, the timeframe of the particular alternate universe that my main character calls home is some time past 201X. The timeframe doesn't have any sort of current impact as most of the other alternate universes are set in that same timeframe; but I would imagine if the main character were to be tossed in an alternate universe whose timeframe is offset significantly into the future or past (like maybe a decade or so), it would confuse him quite a bit.
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Re: When and where does your comic take place?

Postby artofjoe » June 14th, 2019, 3:32 am

When? Medieval times and Ancient Times at the same time.
Where? A world inhabited by fairy tale characters and characters from ancient mythology. Also, Generic fantasy locations like, "The Woods," "The Inn," and "The Colosseum."
:/ I don't know how to really describe it, but the most similar world to it would be Shrek.
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Re: When and where does your comic take place?

Postby Ulta » June 14th, 2019, 2:21 pm

Pfffffffffff oh gosh that's a tough question for me XD This is all for Hybridor.

Well...WHEN I guess would be the really distant future, if it was set in our real modern timeline. It would have to be whatever point where we've figured out how to successfully do genetic tampering, and after we've found ways to travel through space effectively and efficiently. But it IS a SCI-FI story and I don't think it's scientifically possible to make actual wormhole portals that cna take you across lightyears of space in an instant. But uh...who knows XD

As for where, it's set in an alternate universe, and the story itself visits at LEAST 3 to 4 different planets. So it's not really based off of anywhere existing. Even Earth never existed, even though humans did. They had a different start than us real humans ^^; But most planets are earth-like, since the main characters are very similar to or descendants to humans in some form. (yes humans infected a lot of creature with their genes once they learned how to poke around with genetic make-up)
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Re: When and where does your comic take place?

Postby JoKeR » June 15th, 2019, 4:42 am

Katran takes place in a different world/reality. A world with two moons.
The world itself is pretty much earth like with similar characteristics but also totally different.
It's set in a medieval-punk scenario where no one discovered black powder but the "hightech" antagonists the Besadonian Empire discovered electricity just recently. Everything is either magic, steam or crystal powered.
Steam is even used to propel ballistics because of the lack of explosive propellant.

For the time, the story takes place, I would say, in some kind of Middle Age and Industrial Age mix.
Swords and steam powered mechas... It's on the brink to a new age.

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Re: When and where does your comic take place?

Postby Akhdas » June 15th, 2019, 5:12 am

on not earth lol
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Re: When and where does your comic take place?

Postby UrbanMysticDee » June 16th, 2019, 1:28 am

Revenge iNC. takes place mostly in the fictional New Hampshire town of Lydia, whose only claim to fame is having 9 covered bridges, because New England has covered bridges I guess.

Parts of the story take place in San Pleqi, California, a fictional suburb of San Diego. The city was named after a character from this movie, because it sounded Spanish. Melanie spent most of her life there, up to that point, before leaving home and wandering around America for a year until reaching the other coast. I picked California because prior to that point almost all the comics I did were either on other planets or NYC and I wanted to go as far from New York as possible. She moved to New Hampshire because, after three years of writing about SoCal I wanted somewhere as far from California as possible without getting into Maine, which is like Canada lite.

Except for some flashbacks it is firmly set in March 2006, when it was written. It has to be March 2006 because Melanie graduated in 2004 and left home in 2005 and spent a year as a homeless person. There's no way around that because we were born on the same day and she's sort of an alter ego of me, who gets to live a somewhat cooler life (the purple flame boots are real, I really have them, and if I had the money I'd own all of her outfits). There are MANY references to popular culture, especially music, at the time when the story was written. I even came up with an official soundtrack for the comic.

Subsequent books I've written (parts of) continue her story, in 2010-2016 when terrorists launch a decapitation strike of the US government causes the military to take power and form an American Empire. Melanie then drops off the radar after that because there's a 40 year gap or so in that world's timeline because I can't write an infinite number of books, some stuff has to get skipped in the process from 2001 until 2185 when the events of the universe reach their conclusion.

One Last Time is established in the 2012 phenomenon, which was in the future at the time I started. To make a very long story painfully short the story went through about six iterations between 2001 and a couple years ago, and I had to fudge things so there's little in the way of a coherent timeline for the story.

The story mostly takes place around the United States, though there are scenes in Russia, Ethiopia, Bouvet Island, Israel, Armenia, medium Earth orbit, and an unspecified location that used to be India but is now better left unspecified.

The first half starts 21 December 2012 (which I was extremely disappointed was not the end of the world) when 5 billion people die and continues until about the end of 2015 when probably about half the adult characters die. It then skips ahead to some unspecified time between January 2025 and March 2033 (unspecified because there's no realistic way to reconcile the characters ages so I just ignore figuring out what year it is or how old the kids are at the time) when the second half starts. January 2025 because of the inauguration of the new President (which has become a meaningless and symbolic position) and March 2033 when the end of the end of the world would be had the characters not escalated the events. The kids of the adults from part 1 are now older and are thrust into a nine month series of catastrophes or Tribulations as they are officially called, roughly one per month though they speed up toward the end. Most of the Tribulations take place in the fictional Barrier City in the Black Hills, because I needed somewhere to realistically build a massive underground complex that could house the last remaining livable environment on an otherwise desolate planet.

Throughout there are flashbacks to Jerusalem around the time of the crucifixion, the siege of Antioch in 1098, and Jerusalem again during the Six Day War to establish both that one character is immortal and another character exists independent of time and space.

I had visions of wide-ranging story arcs exploring all sorts of new cultures that sprang up in the end of days, but there's simply no time to do any of that.

The technology of the end of the world ranges from decades to centuries in advance of anything we have today, and may even be impossible, including: hovercraft, railguns, powered armour, energy medicine, domed cities, solid holograms, perpetual motion or overunity machines, inertia cancellation, among others. A lot is put into establishing this technology as plausible.
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