Dealing with jealousy and jobs (tldr whining)

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Dealing with jealousy and jobs (tldr whining)

Postby xiaa » November 10th, 2011, 2:51 pm

I'm at a school for Information Technology, and I'm ok at what I do, so often a lot of people ask me for help, and of course I help them in class with homework/labs/etc. It took a semester, but I finally got A+ certified, and can get jobs at internships and stuff now.

But every job I apply to never wants me. Even when the professor sends my resume out to prospective employers / people looking for student interns to train, when I go interview I'm polite, dress nice, any try to be myself or at least try to make a good impression.

Then this girl in my class, she's older than me, she's also A+ certified, but she always asks me for help on assignments because she can't get something to work or can't figure out how to do a lab.

The teacher sends her resume out, and she recommends her for the job over me.

She gets the job, I didn't.

Even though in class, I spend a lot of my free time helping others.

I just feel so betrayed. In class, I can't even look at her. She's not a bad person, and she does her best too, but she took the job I wanted. I worked really hard, I sent out my resume and went to 5 different interviews, and asked my professor to send my resume out to different employers too. I take more classes than that girl does, and she always comes to me for help. I get so angry every time she asks me for help now, because what does she need from me?! She already has what I want. A freaking job.

I've been so desperate for a job lately that I even apply for retail and fast food restaurants, but they won't hire a full time college student because obviously they could hire other people that could work full time instead of part time. Ugh, I've applied for Chic-fil-a, McD, Walmart, Albertsons, Starbucks various places. But I can't get a job here.

Why is getting an internship so important? Because it gives real hands on experience. I have experience helping idiot classmates, but I've never been able to do a real Image Installation of an operating system, or troubleshoot computers with real customers or have enough experience in the real world or enough experience on my resume to get a job over someone else.

So a job is important to me. My parents are always nagging about me and saying I'll never be able to make a living. It seems like they are right. I can't even get a job at a stupid fast food restaurant. I just don't understand how this clueless girl can manage to get an internship, but I can't. It's just not fair. The teacher probably doesn't mean it (or maybe he does) but he always points out / brags that SHE is working now and SHE has experience with the things we're studying in class now, and every time it just feels like salt in my wounds or something.

I just wanted that internship so bad. yes, there will be others, but I've failed so many times trying to get one, and I've been learning my mistakes on what to do at an interview and I've been working hard at school, but why is it that I keep failing? The professor never tells me what it was the employers wanted, but she seems to recommend strongly other students over me. It's not fair. I still help people in my class because most of them are still my friends, but sometimes, when they start talking about their internships, I rage inside.

Ugh, I'm such a horrible person, but it feels good still to get this off my chest. I haven't been able to whine like this in a while.
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Re: Dealing with jealousy and jobs (tldr whining)

Postby RyoSoulreaper » November 10th, 2011, 3:05 pm

I feel your pain, I really do. All I can really advise to you is try temp agencies for now. It's what I'm doing because I have the same problem with jobs. Maybe you can grab a job through that and use your spare time through that to keep looking for something in your field.
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Re: Dealing with jealousy and jobs (tldr whining)

Postby SRQ » November 10th, 2011, 8:45 pm

It doesn't make you a bad person. It just means that you're human.

So long as you didn't beam her over the head and have assumed her identity whilst she lives the rest of her days tied up in your closet: you're totally in the right.

Spoiler! :
I have similar frustrations related to near-monkeys getting hired instead of me for work that I know I could do, but employers seem to think that I'd be bored or whatever. I would be. But I certainly wouldn't tell them that. :D Plus I am super hoping that Italy isn't going to sink as fast as the news channels are saying it's going to sink, because if they default we are so-SO very screwed. But hey on the bright side maybe after society collapses we can both rise up and become some sort of overlord for teh goodtimes. I call dibs on Paris. :lol:

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