I Just Really Really Need To Get This Out.

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I Just Really Really Need To Get This Out.

Postby lovelessgirl1 » November 24th, 2011, 1:03 am

Okay so thesse past couple days some stuff in my life has been happening that i don't know how to react to. And i don't want to tell my RL friends because well...it's really embarrassing and it involves things someone trusted me with. But since none of you know him and i might just explode if i don't get this out i'm going to ask for help here.
So it started like a month ago when this girl (lets call her...Stacy because her mom is hot ;)) transferred to our school. Stacy had the same interests as me, anime, manga, yaoi, Kingdom Hearts etc. Well I spent a night at her house sometime after she transfered and she told me she liked me, like romanticly. We started going out.
Well the week after that I had a friend whose been my friend since I was a pig-tailed 5 year old wearing blocky black light up yugioh sneakers with pink skirts, came over for a few hours after his basketball practice (lets call him Willy because the name makes me laugh) and he told me he likes me. At first i thought he was joking because he's very....um...girly, but then he brought up how he's always poking me, sitting next to me, and such. This was when i told him Stacy and I were going out and we both agreed to just pretend what happened tht night didn't happen at all. So then a few weeks goes by and Stacy is acting like I don't exist and as taken to hanging all over one of our other friends. Then I hear that she likes this other friend and Stacy and i get into a huge fight ending any supposeive relentionship and friendship we might of had.
Which brings us to Thursday when the stuff that really really matters starts to happen. Well Willy asked me out during seventh hour and - being as i thought it would be fair to at least give him a chance - I said yes. Amongst all of this is a ex-boyfriend (lets call him....Ash) turned bestfriend and secret dumper (who is also friends with Willy jsut not as close as me) who flips out when he hears about Willy and I because we had kind of been a lot closer then normal lately and he had thought that was going to go somewhere. Then i don't talk to Willy all weekend because I skipped school on Friday (having been at Twilight until 3 am) and I'm cut off from everyone who isnt on facebook when i am on weekends because by then i have a stack of fanfiction, manga chaptes, and anime episodes up to my knees to read/watch.
When i go to school on Monday - Willy breaks up with me because...wait for it...wait for it...
Now i'm totally supportive of that under normal circumstances (considering I myself am bisexual). But this isnt a normal circumstance - this is under the circumstance of me getting into a fight with Ash about him only to get dumped. Also on monday I make up with Ash after he rages about how we fought over Willy only to have that happen.
Whew i feel a lot better now that i've gotten all of that out. I'm still confused and hurt and angry (and a bit guilty since obviously this is all my fault) but it feels better to get it out and not keep it all bottled inside.
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Re: I Just Really Really Need To Get This Out.

Postby xkrazydog » November 24th, 2011, 1:11 am

Breathe, child. Its just the awkward and needless drama of young budding relationships.
Don't let it upset you too much, there's always someone new in the future and better things to look forward to.
Also honestly, people dont realize how much they lose until they lost it.
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