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Weight Loss for the Type of People That Use This Forum

Postby Durvin » June 25th, 2012, 10:53 am

Chances are, if you regularly check the forum on a webcomic hosting site, you're not the type to get up at five, go for a run, then come home to a wheatgrass smoothie for breakfast. Personally I prefer to sleep from about 3AM to 10, then have oreos and Mountain Dew for breakfast. However, that doesn't mean that you don't want to lose some weight. (For starters, don't have oreos and Mountain Dew for breakfast.) I've been gradually whittling down the pounds of late, so I thought I'd share my tips and invite some more.

* I'm not gonna try and tell you to stop snacking. If you think you can stop snacking, do that. If not, switch to better things:
** The single best tip I've got (besides, you know, the normal stuff) is to start eating those pop-ice things, the ones in the plastic tubes that you freeze. Any time you're craving something sweet, eat one of these. There's enough there that it takes a while to eat and it feels like you've done some primo snacking, but in the end, it's basically a shotglass of frozen Kool-Aid. This tip alone took about ten pounds off me a few years ago.
** Does it feel weird to watch TV without eating chips or popcorn or something? Switch to some kind of cereal, preferably one without a cartoon character on the box. My personal favorites are Honey Nut Chex and Krave, which is a new cereal that's kinda like Combos, except with chocolate instead of cheese. And yet it's healthy! Mostly. Anyway, cereal has the same crunchiness and heft to a lot of snackfoods--what industry pros disgustingly call "mouthfeel"--but the good ones replace all the calories and preservatives with vitamins and, uh, sunshine. If you can't stand the grown-up ones, the kid ones are still better than Doritos.
** Get some of those breakfast-bar things. I know a lot of them are all gritty and weird, but for my breakfast today, instead of oreos and Mountain Dew, I had a "Chocolate Chip Chunk" bar, Target brand, ten for two dollars, and it was like eating a handful of chocolate-chip oatmeal cookies for breakfast, except it was healthy and had ninety calories, whereas my old breakfast was closer to four hundred. And it was still like eating cookies!
** Cook for yourself--it's easier than you think. If you've been living off frozen dinners and ramen meals, you've probably been consuming three or four times the amount of salt you should in a day, and besides being all-around bad for you, it also makes you retain water. I don't have any helpful recipe sites or anything, but if you can make ramen and bake a pre-made pizza, you have all the skills I use to make my own chicken alfredo--you bake the chicken, you chop it up, you mix it with a jar of sauce, you make some noodles, and you mix it all together. Easy, right? (Incidentally a lot of people think they can't cook because they don't use seasoning. That is the secret to good food, people. Experiment with small dashes of things at first; remember it's always easier to add more garlic powder to something than it is to take it back out. Garlic powder is a good one to start with, by the way.)
** Watch your serving sizes. Did you know you're supposed to get, like, ten servings out of a bag of chips? And that's according to the people that sell them to you. Overeating is not a hard thing to do, especially if you're a dude--there's just something in manly culture that makes you want to clean your plate and show off what a mighty feast it takes to fill your hairy man-belly. Well, knock it off, unless you want your hairy man-belly to jiggle majestically in the Autumn breeze. For example, according to the people that figure this sort of thing out, a serving of meat should be about the size of a deck of playing cards. Now think about that Double-Glazed Bleu Cheez Bacon Burger you had at TGI McThursday's last night, which was the size of your "Magic: the Gathering" binder of "Magic: the Gathering" cards.
** Stay away from the big fancy super-coffees at Starbucks and places like that; they're usually about three or four hundred calories apiece.

* As for what you drink...give up the sodas. I'm sorry, but it has to be done.
** I switched to diet about two or three weeks ago, and I'm down five pounds without changing *anything* else. I know diet sodas aren't as good, generally. Find some you like, get used to the taste, and drink them.
** Fruit juice. I know a lot of people are scoffing and asking what I'm hepped up on, and I'll tell you: I'm hepped up on HEALTHFULNESS AND GOOD FEELINGS. Just go to the grocery store, pick one that sounds good, and have a glass instead of a soda, at least once a day. Was it good? If not, try a different one. (Note that you shouldn't drink juice all the time--fruits are made mostly of sugar, and the juice isn't exactly amazing for you, just way the heck better than soda.)
** Gradually switch to water. I've been working on it for a long, long time now, and I'm nowhere near sticking with it all the time, but it's really the best thing for you to drink. It's inherently zero calories, and has other benefits. In fact, generally speaking...

* Drink water. Like, all the time. Unless you are somewhere that it is explicitly forbidden to have a bottle of water, like at work or in a Coca Cola factory, keep a flask of it with you. I have one of the nifty ones with the built-in filter because my area has the lowest water quality in the US (mmm, arsenic), but if you can get away with an empty bottle you can refill at water fountains, that works. There are a few reasons why this helps:
** You will be far less likely to look at a soda machine and think, "hey, am I thirsty? Oh, yes. Yes, I am. One of your finest caffeinated calorie bombs, please, Mr. Robot." (You guys talk like that to vending machines, right?)
** Having water in your belly before a meal helps make sure you don't eat more than you really need to. Don't chug multiple bottles full just before a meal--it'll trick your body into getting full too early and you won't eat enough--but experts recommend drinking an eight ounce glass about fifteen minutes before a meal.
** Keeping a good flow of water helps flush out the junk. It's amazing how many people in modern society are dehydrated, and I can personally guarantee that you will feel better when you drink enough water; I don't know that this will help you lose weight, but you'll feel physically better, meaning you're more likely to move around. Which brings me to:

* Exercise. I know, I know, I don't want to exercise either. I hate gyms. I'm not going to tell you to jog. What I am going to say is, move around. Too many people (of the type that go on this site) spend a lot of time in front of a computer and don't realize just how little they move. With this one especially, I'd love some more suggestions, but here's what I've come up with:
** Going somewhere? Can you walk there? Ride a bike? Do it. C'mon, GameStop is less than a mile away.
** How much do you move around at work? (If you don't work, that might be another problem.) I'm not fond of my retail job, but I can tell you that just out of curiosity, I wore a pedometer to work one day, and found that I walked about six miles a shift, plus all the heavy box lifting.

Well, that's all I can think of for the moment. Anybody else got some to add?
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Re: Weight Loss for the Type of People That Use This Forum

Postby eishiya » June 25th, 2012, 11:19 am

Moved to Life Issues.

I have one disagreement/alternate tip:
If you feel weird watching TV without snacking, deal with it. If your mind is distracted, you'll often eat more than you normally would. Even if it's cereal or celery, you should still not eat it while watching TV, because you'll most likely eat too much. So, either ration your snacks when you know you'll be distracted, or don't eat anything at all except when you can focus on your food. Watch enough movies without snacks, and you'll probably get used to it. The same goes for snacking while doing stuff online, it distracts you from paying attention to how much you're eating.

Also, I don't think "weight loss" is a good goal to have. General wellness is a better goal. "Weight loss" can be achieved through some very unhealthy means, and I think it's important to keep in mind that weight is secondary to health. Many people don't.

Another tip if you hate exercise but are an artist or writer: Grab a camera and go reference-hunting! Nearby parks, historical districts, anywhere, really. Walk around and take lots of photos. Textures, reference photos, all sorts of things that might (or might not) be useful one day for your comicking. With your mind busy looking for new things to photograph, you won't notice that you're actually covering a lot of distance.

Edit: I'm also not sure about those ice pops. As you said, they're basically Kool-Aid, and Kool-Aid's hardly good for you. There's probably a better alternative.

Editedit: Not a tip, but a note: A "serving size" on food isn't actually the amount of food you're expected to eat, at least not for all foods. It's just the amount of food for which they provide the nutritional values. Serving sizes are only partially based on how much you're expected to eat. So, while you do need to watch how much you eat and of what, serving sizes are more of a mathematical tool for keeping track of your intake than a guide for consumption.
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Re: Weight Loss for the Type of People That Use This Forum

Postby radiostarkiller » June 25th, 2012, 11:51 am

For me, it's all about taking fifteen-twenty minute breaks in whatever hours I can and exercise a little, in addition to my usual hour-and-a-half exercise regimen. Even if all you do is walk around the room for awhile, it's still something. The point is the keep your body moving, whatever it is you decide to do in that break period.

Also, when you eat, pay attention to when your stomach gets full. And eat slowly. Enjoy that food, man.

Also vegetables. Eat your fucking vegetables. Try eating them raw if possible, too, because cooking them makes them lose a good chunk of their nutrients. Salads, man. Or throw some veggies and fruit together for a smoothie.

And yes, because I check this and other forums regularly totally doesn't mean I get up at the crack of dawn to run. Some of us do happen to follow a good exercise and diet routine, y'know.
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Re: Weight Loss for the Type of People That Use This Forum

Postby Lapsang » June 25th, 2012, 11:57 am

Haha, I love how you're basically saying a less than healthy life style just comes with the territory of webcomics! It makes me feel strangely justified.

But yeah, looking up health tips can be really depressing when they all seem to assume you want to devote ALL your time to it and COMPLETELY change your life style. It can make it feel like an impossible task, so I'm all for finding your own alternatives. Lots of little manageable changes are definitely the way to go, it also means you're much more likely to actually stick with it.

However, I totally agree with Eishiya about weight being secondary to heath. I really, really, wouldn't recommend diet sodas, they may be less fattening but in every other way they're usually a lot worse for you, if anything.

What I WOULD recommend is sparking water. If you use it to dilute fruit juice, not only are you drinking less of the juice but it gives it that lovely fizzy kick that you might be missing. And when you drink it on it's own, it still feels more like an interesting drink than just still water.

I also get the urge to snack when watching telly but mostly when what I'm watching isn't really holding my attention and I'm a bit bored. I find it's usually a sign I need to do something else.

As for exercise, dancing is really good. You don't have to go anywhere or do anything painful or difficult, just put on some great music and dance around the room. Obviously you still need to go for walks and the like, but on days when you don't feel like it or are to busy, just taking out a mere twenty or so minutes to get your heart rate up is really good. Also, if you are working, I guaranty when you sit back down you will feel so much better and will be able to look at what you were doing with fresh eyes!
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Re: Weight Loss for the Type of People That Use This Forum

Postby pinkberrymuffin » June 25th, 2012, 12:14 pm

I don't believe in cutting food altogether, I believe in making the right choices. Always go for the healthy alternative:
Full fat dairy products > skimmed or low fat.
White flour products> whole grain and multi-grain
Fried> broiled, poached and grilled.
Ice-cream> frozen yogurt or Greek yogurt and ones that use sugar substitute as low fat Ben and Jerry.
Chocolate > Granola bars and dried fruits.

I hate doing sports too. I just walk or turn on music or any youtube shape up in some number minutes and that's it.
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Re: Weight Loss for the Type of People That Use This Forum

Postby Pizzaman the bold » June 25th, 2012, 12:17 pm

two months ago I replaced one-two meals with [Special K] protein shakes and lost about 10 pounds.

oh and I played sports and lost maybe 5 pounds
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Re: Weight Loss for the Type of People That Use This Forum

Postby mitchellbravo » June 25th, 2012, 12:28 pm

General wellness: I'll lift small weights, do crunches, and other simple exercises while watching TV. I've heard you don't get the same results if you exercise while distracted as if you were focusing on the exercise, but I figure it's better than just sitting there like a lumpkin.

And drinking water is really helpful, I just carry a bottle around with me all day. It'll flush crap out of the body and help you just feel less, idk how to describe it really, kind of crunchy and lethargic.

Remember that exercise alone isn't an efficient tactic for losing weight. Weight loss occurs through diet changes. But, exercise helps by making your body more efficient at processing the foods and burning fat, and when you exercise it might make you crave healthier foods. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat, so the number on the scale might go up even if you feel slimmer- pay attention more to the number on the tape measure than the scale in that case. My sister and I are pretty much the same size when you look at us, but she's about ten pounds heavier because she does a lot of exercising and has a lot more muscle.

You don't have to go around running or jogging, but increasing how much you walk helps a lot. Little things like parking farther away in the parking lot or walking instead of driving somewhere help.

If you feel like your computer or phone or whatever item is kind of anchoring you to be inert, have a screenless day every now and then where you don't use any item with a screen. If you can't go for a whole day, a few hours can make a difference too.

And focus on getting enough quality sleep. It's tough to make healthy choices when all you can think about is how much you want to go back to bed.
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Re: Weight Loss for the Type of People That Use This Forum

Postby redandblack64 » June 25th, 2012, 12:32 pm

I plan on trying out the reference hunting that eishiya suggested once I get a decent camera.

Not much else to add, other than that going on 2 to 12 mile walks every other day is incredibly effective at burning unused calories from junk food.

Now, to go on a 4 mile walk in 104 degree heat with little wind and 10% humidy so I can upload some stuff..

EDIT: Speaking of sunlight, one nice advantage darker skinned individuals have over paler ones is that you can get away with being out in the sunlight for more than 15 minutes and not get sunburned for several hours. I oh-so-badly abused this last summer when the UV index was up to 10. I was going to make a joke about this, but I'll save that for my upcoming comic.
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Re: Weight Loss for the Type of People That Use This Forum

Postby Guest » June 25th, 2012, 12:43 pm

I don't exercise, but I found that eating a bit every few hours (better to eat regularly in smaller portions than eat a ton in one sitting) and not finishing a meal if I'm feeling full already has kept me under a hundred pounds.

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Re: Weight Loss for the Type of People That Use This Forum

Postby shiro-kyo » June 25th, 2012, 2:08 pm

I've recently started losing weight and trying to have a healthier lifestyle,
i do this currently by exercising for 1 hour(after a few week i'll increase the amount of time), 5 days a week (giving myself 2 break days so that i don't injure myself), whilst also cutting down the amount of calories i eat per day from 2000(women's average calorie intake) to 1500, cutting out all fizzy drinks, fried foods,crisp and chocolate whilst eating more fruit, veg and yogurts, i also have replaced a lot of the red meat in my diet with quorn(so i can still have burgers their just no meat if that makes sense),
also when i have chicken or pork i usual grill it
also i changed my bread to wholewheat and the milk i use is ether semi-skimmed or 1%
my exercise is mainly cycling but my dad's buying me a cross trainer so i can exercise no matter the weather or time.

so just because you draw comics or spend a lot of time on the computer it doesn't mean you cant have a more healthy life

Re: Weight Loss for the Type of People That Use This Forum

Postby Nikkinoodles » June 25th, 2012, 5:49 pm

On the topic of drinking water:

I read somewhere, I'm fairly certain was a reliable source, that sometimes your brain can confuse being thirsty with being hungry so when you're thirsty you actually feel hungry instead. So if you're hungry but you ate not too long ago I'd suggest having a glass or two of water and waiting for a while, maybe 20 to 30 minutes and then seeing if you're hungry then.
Also, staying hydrated is great for your skin. I suffered from acne a lot as a teenager and did for quite awhile into what was technically the start of my 'adult years'. I'd have massive breakouts fairly regularly and couldn't get rid of them for the life of me. Recently though, within the last month or so, I've been drinking mostly water all the time with the odd cup of tea once or twice a day (I'm British it's practically compulsory) and since then my skin's cleared up so much. It's smooth and I barely get any break outs any more. When I do they're not as bad as they were either. Even the scaring and bruising left over from my past skin issues is gradually clearing up. It's probably all due to the fact that I'm not drinking sugary drinks and drinking water instead.

Not really relevant to losing weight but possibly something that a fair few of us have to deal with.
Spoiler! :
On the whole acne/skin issue thing: Girls, take your make up off if you wear it and try not to put it on when you don't need to ie. you're staying inside or only nipping out for a couple of minutes. Your skin gets the chance to breath and doesn't get all clogged up, letting your body do the things it needs to to look good. And I shouldn't have to say this but actually physically wash your face of makeup, don't just poke a baby wipe/make up wipe at it. They don't always get everything and aren't too hygienic either as you can just end up smearing your make up everywhere.
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Re: Weight Loss for the Type of People That Use This Forum

Postby mitchellbravo » June 25th, 2012, 6:04 pm

^ Yesss the makeup :( I feel so sorry for girls who always use thick cake-ey makeup to cover their blemishes which causes MORE blemishes that they have to keep covering up, leading to a cycle that goes on for years (there is one girl I know who's been doing this for probably going on ten years now, since she was about twelve or thirteen, but unfortunately I think she's too vain to let up for any stretch of time that would benefit her skin).

I never drank water growing up, but at college I started, and now it's at the point where I really notice if I'm not hydrated- I just feel so slowed down and, well, dried out, and get headaches a lot easier. Which explains all those *mysterious headaches* I would get as a stubborn kid :roll: because I was too stupid to just have a damned glass of water.

And the thirst/hunger thing is a big deal too! So is getting a craving for a particular drink when you're thirsty. I sometimes really crave a soda and am thirsty, but if I've already had one that day or want to avoid having one, I drink water instead and that mostly eliminates the craving.

Soda's a rough habit for me to break :( I rarely go a day without having one. But, I also extremely have more than one on a given day, so while I'm no picture of good soda health, I'm not as bad as some people I've met (protip: after you work out/go for a run and are thirsty, don't pick soda as your replenishing agent :shock: ). I don't care for most desserts and my portion sizes are small (but filling) at meals, so I figure if soda's my one vice, I can live with that.

edit: christ i use these damn emoticons way too often. I'M SORRY EVERYONE I'M NOT A 12 YEAR OLD GIRL I PRAMISS
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Re: Weight Loss for the Type of People That Use This Forum

Postby Ddraigeneth » June 25th, 2012, 10:12 pm

Lots of good tips so far. I'll just throw in my thoughts, some for emphasis. I am lazy as hell and I love food. I'm about 170 lbs right now when I'd prefer to be around 135-140 (5'7"), but I know at least part of that is recent muscle from walking so much, because my pants have been fitting a lot better around the waist than they had been. There are some very EASY ways to contribute to your health.

Look for low/non-fat options - I've found that a lot of foods (chocolate pudding, club crackers, refried beans) taste pretty much exactly the same when you buy the low-fat versions, and they're usually the same price. I made 7-layer dip for a party using non-fat beans and sour cream, and everyone loved it.

Cut back on salt - My husband has a strong family history of heart disease, so when I began cooking for him, I started looking at cutting back some of the salt I used. Seriously, I know it's been mentioned, but do you have any idea how much sodium there is in commercially produced food? The way I was raised, pretty much everything was seasoned with salt and pepper, so it's been interesting to try to branch out. Garlic powder is good (not garlic salt!), paprika, basil (<3). Chili powder still has some salt in it, but you get a lot of flavour and you're still cutting back. You can usually get tomato sauce with "no salt added." Same with butter. Little things. Ordering your fast-food fries with no salt means that they have to fry a new batch, so you get fresh, tasty, oily potatoes (and you can always add a little bit of salt yourself).

Portion size - This is a tough one, especially when the food is just sitting there, covered in sauce, and cheese and... Well, yeah. When I was in high school, lunch would be a chicken sandwich (no veggies), a large fry, and a large milkshake. Now, that same chicken sandwich (with lettuce, at least, if I'm not in the mood for tomato), a small fry, and I can barely finish off a kids' size shake.
- Try using a smaller dish! Squish everything together, fill it up, and you'll still get the psychological satisfaction of cleaning off a full plate.
- Give yourself a little time before going back for seconds.
- Pay attention--if you're full, you're really not required to eat dessert. If you're still craving ice cream, get one scoop instead of three.
- When you're making cookies, try making them about half the size you usually would. Then, you don't have to feel so guilty when you eat 10 of them.

Munchies - I haven't bought popcorn at a theater for years. Too damned expensive for one, and my husband doesn't like it. I usually just take a bottle of water, plus a package of candy (gummy bears, Skittles, hard candies--something that'll last a little while) or just some gum.

Vitamins - I am horrible, horrible, horrible about daily schedules. I was on birth control pills for 3 years, and I still couldn't remember to take them everyday. I know for a fact that I don't get enough vitamins in my diet, especially calcium (I was lactose intolerant when I was little--mostly grown out of it, but I don't like drinking straight milk). Then I remembered something my grandmother had tried years ago--Viactiv chocolate soft-chews. They're a little funky, but basically taste like a Tootsie Roll. $10 is a 1-2 month supply. I'm probably still short on potassium and some others, but at least it's something.

And, on the note of makeup, it just feels like such a waste of time to go through that whole routine every day. If I bother at all, it's usually just some eyeliner. Eyeshadow if I'm feeling perky. Lipstick if the outfit warrants it. The only time I ever wear base is if I know I'm going to be photographed (if I don't know--shiny face!) or if it's a really special occasion (like, graduation, where I was also being photographed).
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Re: Weight Loss for the Type of People That Use This Forum

Postby erase » June 26th, 2012, 6:36 am

I'm surprised that everyone has such healthy habits :D

I'm an athlete so I'm gonna give some tips I've learned.

-Don't cut off your favorite things entirely just because they're bad for you. This makes you more likely to quit your diet and go back to old habits. Instead, choose a day of the week to eat things you're not supposed to eat, such as chips or fast food. Just make sure you don't gorge yourself, never eat more than you should.
-Green tea or coffee with a little sugar is actually pretty good for you, if you're not sensitive to caffeine. You can also substitute sugar for honey which has a lot of benefits.
-Tuna and oatmeal are great if you're trying to put on muscle because they have a lot of protein without too many calories.
-Plain yogurt is a great snack and you can sweeten it to taste and it's still likely to have less sugar than store bought ones.
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Re: Weight Loss for the Type of People That Use This Forum

Postby Applekai13 » July 7th, 2012, 1:00 am

I'm a pretty durn healthy individual, so I guess I'll add what little tips I use/live by/ know
No one HAS to use them or anything, but it's made me feel better.

Spoiler! :
My dad works for a soda company, so I KNOW the danger of drinking too much soda. The trick- keep your fridge stocked WELL with water, fruit drinks, and gatorade (still high on sugar, but better for you than water). The chances are, when you're thirsty and reach in, the forest of good drinks will stand out more than that sugary sh*t in the back.

Water- Besides, water is great for you! As peeps are saying, it keeps you hydrated and feeling great. It reduces the ammounts of bad oils and suagrs in your system, because it flushes you out. As a result, less acne and oily skin/hair for everyone!
The best part- it goes with EVERYTHING! I've never heard anybody say "Nah, I don;t think water would go well with this meal"

Milk- This is just my personal veiw, but despite everyone's rants torwards it's magical calcium properties, I'd advise people not to drink it. Of course I shall state my reasons why :)
1. Only infants drink it. (an overused argument, I'm sure, but valid. Milk is chock full of fats and oils and super calcium to help babies, who grow at a fast rate! Once you are grown, all this is just extra fats)
2. Cow Horomones. (Thats right. Milk is FULL of em! Again a added health bonus for babies, but a detriment to teens and adults who are trying to maintain a balanced horomone system. )
I've always been slightly lactose intolerant, so I'm not sure if this last one is a personal thing or not.
3. Acne. (With all the extra horomones, straight milk and high dairy products [chowder] gave me horrible acne. as soon as I stopped drinking milk, it dissapeared like Chris Angel Mindfreak.)
If you do decide you don't want to continue drinking milk, some tasty and really healthy alternatives are Almond milk and coconut milk. Both have the milk taste, without the fats and horomones.
whoo... rant on milk over.

Tea- Tea is SUPER good for you. SUPER! Tons of taste, but it's basicly water and plant taste. There are hundreds of varieties, so finding one you like is just a matter of buy and try. Tea is also very relaxing and is low in calories and sugar.

Green Shakes and Variations- I learned this one from my raw foodist art tutor, but it is super tasty, super good for you, and a great way to get your veggies and fruits. Mix 2 cups of water with two handfulls of veggies (skin included) and 1 handfull of leafy Veggies (or any veggies at all). Blend in a processer until liquidy. The result is a sweet tasting (non veggie tasting ) smoothie with tons of nutrients! You can play with what veggies/fruits you put in, and how much of each.
a variation on this is the ever popular fruit smoothie. The trick- instead of using Milk or ice cream, use water, or fruit juice! Blend this with fresh fruits to acheive a delish, healthy smoothie!

Spoiler! :
On the TV snacking debate. It's fine to eat while you are watching tv or browsing the net. The trick is to watch WHAT you are eating and HOW MUCH.
WHAT- Keep the house stocked with yummy fruits, healthy snacks, and basicly, things that taste good without bulking up on the corn syrup. Everytime you feel like snacking, pick something healthy. If you eat healthy food that also tastes good, your body will learn to crave these foods! All the taste with added health benifits! Take it from me- after eating healthy snacks for a few months, I found my body started to repulse junk food. More than a small bowl of ice cream made me heavy and icky. More than a handful of doritoes was too much. You body knows what it wants and what is best for you, so help it out
HOW MUCH- Many complaints about eating in front of the tube stem from "you're still eating too much!" There is an easy solution to this. You know chips and cookies? DON'T bring the whole box to the chair. Pour yourself a few on a plate, and take that. Chances are that once you finish those, you will be too comfy and full enough to not get any more. Do the same thing with healthy foods. Bring only rational portion sizes with you. I have learned over the years that if it is next to you.. you WILL nom it!

Eat when you're hungry- Although there are alot of people who live by the "3 meals a day" lifestyle, my personal veiw is to only eat when you are hungry. (don't be stupid and wait until your stomach is eating itself though). I usually don't need breakfast, or only need a very light thing (an apple and a small cup of fruit juice) It's enough to get my body awake and working, but not overfilled.

Eat Avacadoes! - Okay. This food is like superman on steriods; spiderman on crack; Wonderwoman on bath salts! Avacados are a super food stuffed FULL of amazing nutrients, omega fatty acids, and health boosting bennifits! Eat them in guacamole, raw, or a a personal favorite, on sandwhiches! (Turkey and sliced avacado on whole wheat bread is frickin delish!)

I second the "cook for yourself" tip. If you know what is going into the food you are eating, chances are it will be loads healthier than any boxed meal.

Spoiler! :
I'm a horrible person for sitting in front of my laptop all day, working on art or browsing Tumblr. As a result, i'm not excersize buff. But I do work out. I do a few push ups/sit ups/crunches every night, working my way up in number every other week or so. I'm at 25 each currently. I'm also an active martial artist. I go to 2 45 minute classes every Thursday, and help out with the kids class before hand. This keeps me excersized. Likewise, I encourage you to go find something you can do regularly, that will be fun and excersizing at the same time. Try non-alcoholic clubbing if you're old enough! Skip the booze and just go dance!

Anyway, that all I can think of at the moment. Sorry this got so long. :) I hope it helps somebody, even a little bit.

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